When Italy And France Confluence In Mumbai!

When Italy And France Confluence In Mumbai!

Do you know India is best when it comes to Baby care? Or let us say India is the Baby care capital of the world. The Indian market now carries most international brands, all thanks to Indian parents who want to give the best to their babies. As Indian parents, two topics that are constantly on top of our minds are feeding and baby bathing and potty training.


The most exciting phase in a parents’ life is introducing complementary foods to the baby , WHO recommends 6 months of Exclusive breastfeeding and slowly introduce solids thereafter. Recently, I was fortunate to be invited and be a part of the Beaba and Okbaby event held at Surya Hospitals in Mumbai. With a host of medical and lifestyle experts, I was glad to get insights on the rights and wrongs of introducing complementary foods to babies as well as tips on baby bathing and potty training.


In the first session Ms. Parina Joshi Head Dietician & Nutritionist explained the importance of introducing home cooked food as all the required nutrition is available in the kitchen itself, from introducing purees in the beginning to slowly shifting to hand smashed and chunkier solids. She insisted that food should be cooked to the right consistency at right temperatures so that the nutrients are retained in the food.The guests were then introduced to Beaba, a French brand that is a pioneer as well as a leader in the baby feeding space.



Ms. Isabelle Brahin Managing Director, Beaba Asia Ltd, did a live demo of Beaba Babycook Solo 4 in 1 Steam cooker and Blender, It is sleek and handy, and would definitely add style to your kitchen counter-top. The steam cooker and blender has a transparent jar with blade and a basket to steam-cook the vegetables and fruits , We can also cook Rice, Semolina, Pasta ,Oats etc. in the rice cooker which is available at an affordable price from Beaba. The water tank is filled with water depending on what is being cooked and when the water is hot, steam is passed to the jar evenly cooking the food. It takes anywhere from 7 to 20 mins to cook fruits and vegetables according to its texture. The steam cooking ensures that over cooking is not done, and that vital vitamins and nutrients are retained. The bowl capacity is 1.1 litre , baby food can be prepared in large quantities and can be frozen.The bowl is the only part which has to be cleaned regularly and it can be also be used to reheat baby food. Once the food is cooked it will automatically switch off, so no monitoring is required. Now without removing the jar we can blend the food. This entire process was very interesting to watch.


Bananas were cooked and pureed in under 10 mins. using the Babycook, Isabelle also showed us how to heat water for preparing baby milk with the Beaba Bib’ Expresso 3 in 1 Baby Bottle Processor. Beaba products like Conservation Jars, Soft Silicone Weaning Spoons, 360 Degree self- leveling training spoons, Rice/Pasta cooker, Silicone Spoons, Baby Milk bottle Warmer, Silicone Mulitportions, Bibs, Container for Formula Milk and snacks, Suction plates & bowls, Baby CookBook etc were colourfully displayed and attracted many. 


All the Beaba Products are available on Amazon, FirstCry, Hopscotch and soon to be available on our BabyChakra app itself, Don't forget to check them out. All Beaba products are drool worthy.


Post tea-break we had another exciting session where we were introduced to Okbaby,a leading Italian brand dealing in Baby bath and Potty training products. Dr. Sonal Saste Consultant Pediatrician, Surya Hospitals explained different aspects of baby bathing and potty training. Ms. Silvia Erli Sales Manager and Owner, Okbaby explained when to start potty training, she was of the opinion that potty training should be done by 18 months when babies have good back control. She also pointed out that every baby is different and as mothers we should not panic if the baby is not getting potty trained easily. Okbaby products are intuitive and designed in such a way that every new mom can use it without any fear. Both Dr. Sonal Saste and Silvia were of the opinion that “massaging and bathing the baby with our own hands definitely creates a bond between the baby and us”. The products were colourful and compact; the Okbaby Jelly Bather is one of the hot selling products. It is compact and easy to carry. Unlike other bathers this one is easy to open and fold yet sturdy. It can be dried by just wiping it with a cloth thus making our job easier and it saves time. Apart from this, the Onda Baby Evolution Bath Tub with inbuilt Bather, Pasha Potty Chair, Relax Potty Chair, Pinguo Soft Toilet Seat, Ducka Toilet training seat, Ergo Toilet training seat as well as the Onda Baby Shower Bath Tub were displayed. All the Beaba Products are available on Amazon, FirstCry, Hopscotch and soon to be available in our BabyChakra app itself, Don't forget to check them out.


Naiyya Saggi CEO and Founder BabyChakra of course made sure that every mom is comfortable at the event and greeted everyone. Both Isabelle and Silvia were high spirited and explained each and every product with patience.

It was definitely an event to cherish!


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