Propagating Benefits of Breast Milk

Neha was struggling to conceive for 6 years and when she finally did, her baby was born premature and was in the NICU due to birth related complications. Stress and her own delicate condition made it impossible for her to lactate and breastfeed. On the other hand, Saniya, a mother of twin babies was fortunate enough to lactate excess milk even after feeding her twin babies and was distressed with the idea of throwing away her excess milk. Both Neha and Saniya, found solace in Neolacta Lifesciences, Bangalore, where Saniya was able to donate her excess breast milk and Neha was able to feed human milk to her premature baby on time.


Did you know that an estimated 15 million babies are born premature every year, which is more than 1 in 10 babies? India tops the list of countries with highest number of premature babies according to a World Health Organisation (WHO) 2018 report. These babies need extra care and precautions in their initial days. Breast milk plays a vital role in treating and nourishing premature babies, helping them recover well and grow healthy.


  • Breast milk or Mother’s milk is the most vital and natural source of nutrition for the overall development of a newborn.


  • Human breast milk is rich in good bacteria which is essential to develop antibodies and cell formation which in turn helps fight infections.


  • Human milk is rich in nutrients and fats that are essential for brain development.


  • Intestinal inflammation in premature babies is much less when fed with breast milk rather than formula milk.


  • Enzymes that help digest carbohydrates and sugars are abundantly present in breast milk.



When a woman gives birth, she dreams for a healthy child and hopes that she can nurture her baby to give it all. It is an emotional roller-coaster ride that does not end with the baby’s birth, but rather is the beginning of a new challenging journey. A mother may not be fortunate enough to breastfeed her baby due to multiple reasons including complicated delivery, lactation concerns or other mom and baby related health issues.


NeoLacta Lifesciences, the first ever human milk facility in India, has been instrumental in providing processed and pasteurized human milk and milk-based products. Providing 100% human milk to cater to the sensitive needs of babies in neonatal care is one of the core objectives of Neolacta. Complying with all the guidelines such as GMP, ISO22000 and FSSAI, Neolacta ensures complete quality and is highly recommended by neonatologists and paediatricians in leading tertiary care hospitals across India.



Breast milk has unique nutritional properties which cannot be replicated. If mothers are unable to meet their babies requirements of breast milk, they can get in touch with organisations such as Neolacta Lifesciences, which can help them fulfil this gap. Neolacta Lifesciences, with its unique 100% human milk-derived products and patented technology has benefited more than 20,000 babies over the last 3 years in India.


Neolacta’s Donor Program is aimed at spreading awareness and educating mothers about the benefits of breast milk and donating excess breast milk. Spreading awareness and helping thousands of mothers like Neha and Saniya is what Neolacta is all about.


Remember, mother’s milk is the gold standard in nutrition and there is no substitute to breast milk!


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