Baby Cleansers Versus Syndet - Make Your Choice

With the birth of a baby, begins a journey of love, care and plethora of fears that never existed. One such fear is associated with baby’s sensitive skin. Baby skin is the most supple and pure gift of nature. A baby’s skin is different from that of an adult and needs special care and attention.In the initial years of a baby’s life, the delicate skin is prone to rashes, dryness and allergies. While genetics and external factors are few of the influencers, the most common factor that affects the baby skin is the pH imbalance. Changing the skin’s pH on a continuous basis is harmful for the baby as it disrupts the acid mantle which works as an important protective function of our skin.



  • The acid mantle protects the skin from irritants, allergens and from drying out and its pH value plays a particularly important role in children’s early years.


  • The defence of the acid mantle against harmful microorganisms on the skin is not working sufficiently during the first few months of birth because acid mantle takes 21 days to develop and the entire skin takes 365 days to develop after a child is born. Therefore, for the development of healthy skin of the child, it is important that a pH balanced cleanser is used.


Things to look for in a baby cleanser

With the kind of noise that the advertisements make claiming their products are best and have natural ingredients, it becomes difficult for parents to choose one that suits their baby’s skin. Here are a few pointers that can help parents make an informed decision when it comes to baby cleansers


  • Go for baby cleansers with pH value of 5.5
  • Ensure the cleanser you choose is free of harsh chemicals & parabens
  • Choose baby cleansers that are dermatologically tested

Baby Cleansing and Syndets


  • Cleansing is a process of removal of dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, sweat and other debris from the surface of the skin.
  • Syndets are great substitutes for baby cleansers since they have a pH closer to normal skin
  • They are mild on baby skin
  • Most cleansers, including natural cleansers tend to be too alkaline for the skin, as they strip away natural oils causing dryness and irritation.



For happy and healthy skin, syndet which has a pH of 5.5, is always the best pick.

Onboarding the journey of parenting is one of the most thrilling and fulfilling experiences in a couple’s life. While having a child is a joyous and blissful, what comes along is a great responsibility. As children are totally dependent on parents for their sustenance, it is important for parents to be educated and informed about their needs and healthy upbringing. Hence always choose the right! Always choose the best!


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