First Food: First finger food – Puffed rice (Murmura)

Today, 'T' had his first finger food – Murmura (puffed rice). It was fun to watch him play while developing his hand eye co-ordination. It also kept him occupied, which only meant I could catch a break!


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Baby Foods

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Comments (7)

Jasmeet Kaur

my baby 7 nd half month old can I give her this??

Ayushi Verma

My baby 9.5months old
Can i give her

Palak Thakur

Yes why not .my baby is also 9.5 month old and he loves to eat murmure by own..

Shreya Singh

I m always scared they shud not choke on this stuff :(
hopefully will try soon!

Ashma Bambhania

This is so well written.

Lubna Tabassum

This is just in time

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