Learning is the eye of mind-Make it progressive

Learning is the eye of mind-Make it progressive

An educational environment is one which not only believes but also promotes independent learning by providing opportunities to students to take more control of their erudition. It is one which focuses on the holistic development of a child, which suggests rather than just preach. When we speak about attributes like leadership, positive reinforcement, effective teaching and a progressive learning atmosphere, the one institution which we can relate to is the JBCN International school, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

The JBCN International school is where emphasis is given to experiential learning than formal learning. The school believes in inspiring students to explore, enhance and co relate with the environment. To edify children of today’s generation is no mean feat and requires more than just a problem solving approach. They learn better by experimenting and by enhancing their attitude towards the problem. This methodology helps to not only make students independent but also helps to build a stress-free environment, encouraging children to approach everyday challenges with optimism and fortitude.


There are various aspects involved in the overall development of a child which needs to be catered. It’s no more just about the physical or social aspect but also about the intellectual and emotional aspect which cannot be successfully assimilated in a classroom environment.

Every development aspect starts taking shape from the time a child is welcomed into this world and continues taking shape for a lifetime. However, as it has been rightly pointed out, it is in the roots, not the branches, that a tree's greatest strength lies. Similarly the sooner the development aspects are functioned upon in a constructive manner the better chances of a child to excel in the field of life. Fortunately the vision of the JBCN international school correlates with the same methodology. The school aspires to create tomorrow’s leaders by motivating students to think out of the box and go beyond the said curriculum. They believe in creating lifelong learners that embraces integrity and compassion.



Taking this philosophy forward, the JBCN International School has introduced an activity center in the school premise, the emphasis of which is an all-inclusive progress of the child.
Five learning zones have been created keeping specific developmental aspects of the learner in mind. Each zone specializes in their credibility and caters to provide a fruitful experience of knowledge and learning but in a play way method. The Five Zones are as follows:

The Construction Zone



This zone practices what it preaches. With a focus on developing the intellectual and cognitive skill set, the construction zone caters highly to thinking and reasoning skills. In collaboration with activities like Lego, Cubes, Robotics etc. learners’ problem solving, critical thinking and academic skills are highly enhanced. Activities like pretend play also help develop language and math skills. The key focus of this zone is to provide an organized and an integrated learning environment where students recognize their own potential while working in a group.


Active Play Zone



True to its name, the heart of this zone is doing what kid’s simply love to do i.e. free play. Combined with healthy brain development, this zone allows children to use their creativity along with agility, intellectual and physical abilities. The play way method is used as a tool to develop the child as a whole.


The Discovery Zone


This is the perfect space for all the young inquisitive minds where gaining knowledge becomes an exciting process. It can also be said to be the most important activity center as it creates unforgettable memories and leaves the kids thinking that Science can be Fun too!!


The Sensory Zone


Possibly the most popular activity center among kids where they are exposed to a manually created environment to stimulate their fingers, toes which indirectly kindle brain areas responsible for speech and problem solving. The most natural play way methods like sand seeping through the fingers, sticky mud etc. are used to activate the neural connections from the finger and toe thus giving signals to the brain where the sensory segment connect with speech and cognitive development.


The Expression Zone



The activity center which runs on creativity and self-expression is the expression zone. Apart from providing the much needed area of exhilaration to relax and rejoice it also acts as an outlet for the students to explore their emotions, thoughts, and dreams .Through pretend play children explore newer horizons of their own abilities and master various life skills like to appreciate, negotiate, constructive thinking and most importantly are able to communicate better. The expression zone rightfully adopts the Chinese proverb that says: “tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand”.

Apart from these activity centers there is also a separate section for Arts and crafts where students get to discover their creative skillset. With access to various tools like crayons, paints, clay, stamps, chalk, glue, sponges provides the learner an opportunity to give shape to their imagination. The freedom to self-explore and create art based on their experiences and thought processes acts as a medium to express what they otherwise might not be able to. The cherry on the cake is the interactive wall where children’s creations are displayed with much pomp and fervor which definitely fills them with a sense of pride, belief and the confidence to achieve more in life.

With such facilities and the thoughtfulness to ensure that students accomplish more from their own capabilities is what an educational institution like the JBCN International School aims for. It is this innovative approach to education and learning by doing that makes it the first choice among parents and students.



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