The Ultimate In Baby Apparel Care

The Ultimate In Baby Apparel Care

Baby Laundry Secrets


Your newborn is small but he or she can get through a mountain of clothes in a very short time. It is definitely more practical to buy the right number of clothes and be prepared to wash them. Babies tend to soil their clothes more often. It is important to keep their clothing clean and dry by washing them the right way in order to keep infections at bay. There are a number of detergents and liquids available in the market to wash baby clothes. However not all products are suitable to wash baby apparel. Flipkart helps with a range of apparel care products specially meant to clean baby apparel.




Because newborns tend to have sensitive skin and because you don’t know who has handled the clothing before it came into your possession, it’s a must to wash all clothes prior to using them. It is also a good idea to either hand wash baby clothes or wash them separately in the washing machine without mixing them with adult clothes. Baby clothes should be washed using a mild baby liquid wash or liquid detergent.



Why use a baby detergent vs regular detergents?


Baby detergents are eco friendly, chemical free and mild on baby apparel. They are free from dyes and perfumes and hence are suitable for babies. Baby skin is highly sensitive and prone to allergies and reactions. Regular detergents are harsh and chemical bound making them unsafe for baby skin. Washing baby clothes in regular detergents can cause their skin to itch or worse result in rashes and allergies.


Tips to clean baby apparel


Your baby has an immune system that is still evolving; they can catch infections and diseases from almost anywhere. One of the most overlooked places for germs, is your baby’s clothing. For babies, just washing their clothes in a washing machine is not enough to clean their clothes from bacteria. Here is a simple routine that can help your baby’s clothes stay disinfected and fresh.


  • Check the brand label for washing instructions. This will help you understand the material and the manner in which it can react to a wash.
  • Be mindful about the kind of detergent used. Always use a detergent that is specially made for baby apparel
  • Soak the clothes in water preferably warm water, depending if the material allows. This not only helps to kill germs easily but also helps in removing stains.
  • Wash baby clothes separately. This way, the bacteria from the other clothes do not transfer to the baby’s clothes.
  • Soak in warm water after the wash. This ensures that the detergent and other allergic bacteria are killed.
  • Dry in the sun or in heat. Sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant. Ensure you dry your baby’s clothes in natural sunlight if possible, if not, ensure the clothes are dried in a clean room.
  • If you are using a washing machine, make sure the machine has been cleansed using a laundry cleanser.




Don’ts of baby apparel wash


  • Do not use fabric softeners during a baby’s wash
  • Stay off chemical detergents
  • Wash baby’s nappies separately from their clothes
  • In case of skin allergies, consult your doctor for special requirements when washing baby’s clothes
  • Do not use strong fragrance products during the wash
  • Always wash woollens separately to avoid lindt


Storing Clothes


Finally when clothes are washed and dried, a good way to store them is by sorting them by type and size. Avoid using clothes which did not get rid of stains. Always store baby’s clothes separately in a dry and clean area. Keep shuffling clothes to avoid dust and always wash clothes if they have not been used for a long time. Using a storage container is another great way of organizing baby clothes.


With Flipkart, your hunt for baby apparel care essentials come to an end. Here you will find all that you need to keep your baby’s clothing germ free and fresh. It’s time to choose the right product and retain the cuteness of those clothes while keeping them intact.


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