Series Of Quick And Easy Egg Recipes: French Toast

Series Of Quick And Easy Egg Recipes: French Toast

Just about every parent I know thinks that their child is a 'fussy eater'. The degree of fussiness varies widely of course! You will find desperate mothers always looking for ideas to sneak in nutrition into their child's diet.

Egg is a wonderful source of multiple nutrients.

So here is a recipe using egg as a main ingredient which kids would love to eat.

Ingredient (Makes 1)
1. Bread Slices – 2
2. Cheese Slice – 1
3. Tomato Sauce – 1 tbsp
4. Egg – 1 if using whole egg, 2 if using only egg yolk
5. Salt as per taste
6. Pepper as per taste
7. Oil for cooking – 2tbsp

This is how I did it
1. Heat a pan with some oil in a flat pan.
2. Beat egg in a bowl.
3. Season it with salt and pepper as per your taste.
4. Spread tomato sauce on a slice of bread.
5. Put a slice of cheese on it.
6. Put another slice of bread on the cheese slice.
7. Dip the sandwich in the beaten egg.
8. Put the dipped sandwich in the now hot pan.
9. Reduce the flame/Lower the heat to the lowest level.
10. Cook evenly on both the sides, slightly pressing with a spatula.
11. Enjoy your cheesy French toast.

When can it be served
• Breakfast
• Lunchbox
• Snack
• Dinner
• Can be refrigerated or frozen

Serving Suggestions
• For breakfast, it can be served with sliced fruits, milk or juice.
• For lunch or dinner, it can be served with salad and some steamed vegetables.
• If frozen, it can be reheated in microwave for 45 sec.

Tips and Tricks
• Instead of tomato sauce, it goes really well with mustard sauce and mayonnaise.
• I have also tried to add some cooked mashed vegetables inside the sandwich. It goes really well and is a good way to sneak in some vegetables in the child's diet.
• For a child less than one year, use only egg yolk for this recipe.
• You can cut the bread slices into different shapes to retain the interest of the child.
• A lot of times, I have also narrated stories (like in this case, the story of a duck would be interesting) while feeding my kiddo.


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