Secrets To Perfect Baby Proofing Revealed

Secrets To Perfect Baby Proofing Revealed

Watching your infant starting to turn over, crawl, cruise or take his or her first step is one of the most precious moments for new parents. While every parent loves to watch their baby crawl and explore his or her independence, this is also the phase when babies can get into trouble quite easily. As soon as babies get mobile, they start exploring the world and try to reach out to things that are either harmful or beyond reach. Ensuring a safe environment for your baby hence becomes a must, while allowing little explorer to continue mastering his or her newfound mobility. It's time for some “Baby proofing

Baby Proofing is a must in all those places where your baby spends most of his or her time. Also, do not forget to look at areas where you spend maximum time since your baby will soon start to follow you around the house.

Here is a list of top 5 baby proofing accessories that can help your baby enjoy his/her independence while you sit back, relax and watch them grow. Flipkart gives that extra helping hand to parents by hosting all these quality products that are highly recommended by parents.

1. Baby Bed Rails



Babies tend to spend a lot of time on their bed in their early days rolling and pushing themselves to move. Soon they learn to sit and hold onto things and stand. These bed rails make all these moves worth every penny. Bed rails are the safest way to assure that your baby is safe when left alone on bed either when awake or when sleeping. Sooner or later babies begin to use these railings as support to hold and stand. These securely fitting bed rails, made up of high quality fabric are easy to wash and allow you to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that your baby is safe and secure.


2. Safety Baby Gate



You might have never thought of the possible hazards of living in a house with stairs until your baby came into this world. Babies are always fascinated with the idea of going up and down the stairs as soon as they start crawling or walking. While climbing up may seem easy, risks of baby falling down is quite high as they don’t learn climbing down till a later time. Installing a wooden safety gate at the end of the stairs with a safety lock is a way to ensure babies don’t fall or hurt themselves. The baby gate designed with a one-touch release, easy slide handle safety lock, is also a safe way to block access to places like kitchen, washrooms and balconies. A secure spring-loaded latch keeps the gate safely closed when not in use. These safety gates come with easy one-handed open and close operations and feature a two-touch release safety lock that's easy for an adult to open but difficult for children.


3. Socket Cover for Plugs



This is definitely one of the important safety accessories for all new parents. Little ones are always curious to explore the holes of electrical points. These electrical sockets are hazardous for babies if not covered. It is recommended to cover all the electrical plug points, irrespective of its usage and height. Non toxic and baby safe socket covers are the perfect way to ensure your baby is safe from all sorts of electrical shocks and current. With rounded edges and contoured shape, these socket covers are safe for little hands when exploring. The holes on the outlet plugs are specially designed for the parent keys, without direct access to electrical outlets. These socket covers also minimize air leaks and prevent fires.


4. Furniture edge guard and corners


Once babies start crawling and cruising, they often tend to lose balance and fall. These falls can sometimes end on sharp corners of furniture and end up hurting or injuring your baby. Sharp corners and edges are a complete red flag at home with a baby around.Removing all the furniture out of your home is definitely not the practical solution. However, using safety edge guards are the perfect way to keep these edges moulded and safeguard your babies from getting hurt. These edge guards can easily be cut to fit the length you desire. It can also be easily modified to snugly cover the corner, just like a corner protector does. With minor customizations, it can fit any shape of edges.


5. Safety Lock Latch for Drawers



When babies become mobile, they are also curious to explore things around. Parents initially tend to keep all harmful objects out of their sight in drawers or cupboards. But babies are smart and are continuously enhancing their sensory skills by touching things.Infants can hurt themselves when they open a cabinet or drawer These safety locks can effectively protect infants against any possible injury from opening a door or drawer. It's self adhesive base design can attach from one side to another, so it can be used on most places such as cabinet, drawer, wardrobe, fridge, microwave ovens, commode and even first aid box, etc. The design of the lock allows adults to open it easily using just one hand. However, infants and toddlers are not mature enough to understand how to unlock it. In fact they wouldn't even know the purpose of this item.


While it's fun to watch babies move, their mobility also becomes the primary reason for their hurts and falls. Parents often underestimate baby's speed and strength. Let’s not forget that accidents generally happen when parents are just six feet away from their child. Instead of restricting their independence, baby proofing your house and safeguarding their interest should be your solution. Baby proofing no way means that parental supervision should be neglected. While these safety measures are preventive measures, parental supervision should always be the primary safety measure. If you haven't done baby proofing as yet, then it's about time! Flipkart will help you with everything that’s required for baby proofing.


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