Must Reap These Benefits Of Being In Nature

Must Reap These Benefits Of Being In Nature


How many of us remember the joy we felt when we did pretend play or make believe play with leaf, stones, sand and mud during our childhood? The thrill of jumping in muddy puddles in monsoons or the happiness of making a sand castle on the beach were some of the natural ways in which we stayed active and creative. I am glad to be part of that limited edition generation that had the privilege of experiencing the best of childhood and has been fortunate enough to reap the benefits of the new digital world. This dual exposure has helped me as a mother to strike the right balance in my children when it comes to spending time indoors versus outdoors.


I remember leaving my baby in a sand pit when she was barely 8 months old. Her curiosity to explore the texture and color of mud, the innocent ignorance towards the word dirt or filth was just the beginning of a curious personality in making. Needless to say, I often joined her in those mud and sand play and relived my childhood. Well aware of the fact that exposing her to dirt means inviting germs and infections, I always ensured the necessary precautions and care were taken to build her immunity. 


Playing outdoors for at least an hour or two is a regular routine for my children. As a mother, I strongly believe that falling down, getting bruises, catching infections should be part of growing up. It only helps them become stronger and more tolerant. Be it cycling, going on a trek, indulging in a sport or group play, exposing my kids to nature and outdoor on a daily basis has always been a mandatory part of my parenting. It has definitely helped them grow into curious and imaginative personalities. Immunity concerns and seasonal illnesses keep popping up as hiccups once in a while, but giving them their regular dose of the Cod Liver Oil gel capsules, based on my Doctor’s advise has always helped them replenish their immunity and keeps them up and going. I remember my mother giving me these golden capsules during my childhood and how it helped me enjoy my childhood outdoors.



Nature and Outdoor has a lot to offer in child development and play a vital role in shaping their personality. I have personally experienced this and have seen this through the years in my children.


  • It brings the best out of children by exposing them to varying situations where they are forced to learn and adapt to best fit themselves into the prevailing conditions.
  • It stops their restricted freedom by exposing them to healthy outdoor risks and adventure rather than letting the impact of parent’s fear and anxiety related to safety take over them.
  • Spending time outdoors with children enhances bonding and trust between parents and children. It is a great way to reduce stress and hence has positive health benefits.
  • It helps them increase their resilience and ability to negotiate risks by way of developing problem solving skills.
  • Nature and Outdoor has significant physical and mental benefits on children. No indulgence of screens and indoor activity can replace the experience of being associated with nature.



  • Spending time in nature and outdoors improves children’s ability to focus and concentrate and hence make them smart, apart from improving their self confidence.
  • Last but not the least, nature or outdoor provides the right stimulation for a child’s imagination and senses.


Today children spend an estimated 56% of the time indoors. Blame the academic pressures, child safety or low immunity, spending time outside has become something that requires planning and supervision. However, these efforts are totally worthy given the benefits outdoor play has on the personality of a child.


Every child has a potential to develop into a genius personality. All that is required is a supplement that can boost their immunity to perform better. As celebrity actress Raveena Tandon rightly says -”I am glad to be associated with a campaign that promotes and focuses on growth and development of children through nutrition supplementation to help them unlock their potential”, there is nothing better than being associated with nature and Seven Seas that can let this potential thrive and flourish in our #ChoteGenius.


Disclaimer: Always make sure to consult with your Doctor before introducing your child to any medicines or supplements.

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