Top 7 Must Have Baby Mobility Or Activity Gears

Top 7 Must Have Baby Mobility Or Activity Gears

Once a parent, our conundrums keep adding depending upon the developmental stage baby is about to enter. One such dilemma is choosing the right baby mobility or activity gear. Most of the millennial parents take informed decisions based on thorough research before purchasing any product and thanks to e-commerce platform, Flipkart, for giving a helping hand to parents with their genuine reviews on all aspects of the commodity.

While the internet is loaded with information on baby feeding and milestones, very less is talked about amusement for babies less than 1 year and importance of baby and child mobility gears.

Benefits of Baby Mobility or Activity Gears


Baby activity gear can be defined as something that enables your growing baby's movement, hand eye coordination, crawling and walking abilities. Baby mobility gear on the other hand helps parents get a free hand, when it comes to running errands with baby in tow, stroller or pram. They not only provide your baby a space of their own, but also function as your mini storage cabinet on the go; providing them a safe enclosure from the surroundings. Here is a list of Must have Baby Mobility or Activity Gears that parents should invest in as part of baby essentials.

Prams and Stroller


A mother always chooses the best for her baby. No brand claim can surpass a mother's instinct. When it comes to choosing a baby carrier, market is flooded with so many names and variations; to avoid confusion, differentiate carriers in terms of size, sturdiness, flexibility and weight. Pram or Pushchair is exclusively designed for infants, is compact and keeps your infant snug. However, stroller(term interchangeable with Pram by many brands) comes with more advanced features as compared to pram. Strollers come with a reclining cushioned seat and a safety harness that can position the stroller in 3 ways - straight for newborns, reclined and sitting for little older babies. Additionally, strollers also come with sun-hood, cup and mobile holder, storage space, back wheel brakes, footrest (adjustable), detachable food tray or guard handle. These features help parents with convenience and ease with baby especially during travel and trips.


Baby Car Seat



A baby car seat is an essential car accessory that ensures baby’s safety when travelling by road by keeping the baby safely seated while parents drive without distraction. These car seats come for specific age range of babies starting from birth upto 36 months. They are not only economical but also convertible to accommodate your growing baby. A car seat with a minimum of 5 point harness (2 shoulder straps, 2 waist straps & 1 from between the legs that meet these 4 somewhere around the baby's tummy) is always a better and safer option. Moreover, the seat should either easily fix directly on the car seat slab in LATCH (lower anchors and tethers for children) or through Seat belt harness of the car.




Introducing walkers can induce faster independent standing and walking in children who are ready to stand with support. Classic Style walkers allow you to put the baby in an opening and baby is able to glide on the floor whereas Push Walkers allow the child to hold onto the bars and push the walker. Walkers also come integrated with interactive and musical activities that can additionally help develop your baby’s sensory skills. Make sure the walker doesn't fall if baby leans on it for extra support.


Baby Bouncer and Rocker


A technological upgrade of a cradle, this can be your child’s first action equipment. Baby bouncers come in all shapes and sizes, from simple seats that use nothing but your baby’s momentum to bounce, to products that feature a range of movements and vibrations, colourful toys for your baby to grasp and bat, and flashing lights along with music. This action equipment is the best way to keep your baby engaged.


Baby Gym

Baby Gyms are made with wooden or plastic arch with suspended toys and interactive play mat. Designed for babies up to one year old, baby gyms come with bright and colourful activity equipment with different textures and sounds to stimulate baby. They help develop baby’s hand-eye coordination. Play mats also give your new-born a comfortable place for tummy time.


High Chair


High chairs are suitable for toddlers 6 months and above. They not only help make mealtime easier for parents, but also helps your child develop and explore self feeding. In tripod style or with rectangular base, high chairs come with a seat that is big enough to accommodate your baby and a tray that is easy to install and remove. These high chairs are designed to ensure baby safety by not letting them slip through sides.


Carriers & Cuddlers


Some parents prefer wearing their baby on themselves instead of using a stroller. Babies feel cozy, comfy and safe being close to their parents. A baby carrier comes in long blanket-like fabric or in a sturdy cushioned seat. Easy to wear using belts or buckles with an adjustable carry positions, these wraps or cuddlers can be worn either front facing on chest or back facing back or hip. A good baby wrap or cuddler comes with neck and lumbar support and a good base that keeps your baby snug. Equipped with soft shoulder pads, they help you carry your baby with comfort.

Baby mobility and activity gears not only give parents a free hand but also play a vital role in baby’s development. Choosing the right gear is important in the interest of the baby's safety and your convenience. Flipkart helps you with making an informed decision in terms of buying the right product.


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