5 Things To Look For in a baby Shampoo

5 Things To Look For in a baby Shampoo


Babies come into this world with a blind trust. They trust parents to take the best care and protect them from everything that can potentially harm them. Parents in turn ensure this by choosing the best for their babies. Two essential aspects that help moms make the right choice, when it comes to babies are: Instincts and Trust.


Birth of a baby brings along plethora of fears and doubts. Be it choosing the right baby care routine or right baby care products. Getting answers to all those doubts while staying informed about these products help in making the right decisions. One such product that we use for babies since the early days of birth is a baby shampoo.


Babies love the touch and sound of water. While it is important to make bathing fun and soothing experience for babies, using the right skin care products is equally essential to ensure the safety of their skin and scalp. Here are some pointers that helped me as a mom to choose the best baby shampoo for my baby.



Mild & Gentle : Baby’s hair is thinner than an adult hair. Always go for a baby shampoo that is clinically proven mild and gentle and not just clinically tested.


Free of Harmful Chemicals: Baby shampoo should be free of harmful chemicals like formaldehydes, parabens, dyes or asbestos.


Does not cause irritation: Babies do not know when to blink which may lead to shampoo irritating the eyes. Hence choosing a baby shampoo with a No More Tear formula is the best way to ensure a safe and stress-free bath.

Essential ingredients: A baby shampoo or any baby product for that matter should contain only essential ingredients. These ingredients should ensure product safety and shelf life. It should be 100% gentle on baby skin.


Like Johnson’s baby No More Tears Shampoo has only the most essential and purposeful ingredients. It has No Parabens, No Formaldehyde and definitely No harmful chemicals and is clinically proven mild to give 100% gentle care.

Trust: Last but not the least, go with a brand that has been trusted across generations and has always understood the needs of baby skin and hair care in depth.


My motherly instincts have always played a major role in choosing the best for my baby. While research is my key to ensure I am making the right choice, my instinct of trust is what helps me do the best for my baby. As far as a baby shampoo is concerned, Johnsons baby no tears shampoo is my choice, because I trust transparency.


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