Checklist To Choose The Right Winter Care Products For Baby

Checklist To Choose The Right Winter Care Products For Baby


Baby skin care is a delicate affair. As tender as a baby’s skin is, it is prone to allergies and dryness very easily. In the early months, baby’s immunity is low and so it is important to choose the best and the most essential products only. Baby skin care market is loaded with plethora of products that claim to be safe and protective. It is essential as a parent to be aware and informed about the right kind of skin care products to be picked for baby.


A baby’s skin is thinner and more sensitive than an adult skin. This also means that it loses moisture 2x faster than your skin. No wonder it gets easily dried and chapped, especially during winters. Choosing and using the right baby skin care products plays a vital role in keeping your baby’s skin safe, protected and nourished in the right way. All you need to do is turn the product and read the ingredients to ensure it has all that makes it safe for your baby.


Here is your go to checklist for things to look for in a baby skin care product that will help you battle your baby’s skin dryness.


Designed for Babies: Products that are designed for adults are not suitable for babies. These products can damage your baby’s skin. Baby’s skin is 3x more sensitive than an adult's skin. The golden rule is to choose products that are specifically designed for babies. Johnson's baby cream and lotion are specifically designed for baby skin and have only the most safe and essential ingredients



Safety & Protection: Everything from a baby cleanser to moisturizer plays an important role in managing baby skin care. You use them day in and day out on your baby. It is important to ensure that these products are safe and recommended by Doctors. Baby skin care products should be free of dyes and chemicals like parabens and sulphates. It reduces the risk of allergies and reactions on baby’s skin and avoid damages caused due to prolonged use.


Gentle Treatment: Be it baby lotions, creams, cleansers or moisturizers, every product that is chosen for babies should be clinically proven mild and 100% gentle. Skin dryness in babies can lead to further issues like redness & itchiness. Choosing products that are pH balanced ensures perfect nourishment and hydration of baby skin.



Right Care: With the store shelves overflowing with different formulations and brands of winter care products for babies, choosing the right product to meet your little one's needs for a dry skin can be tricky. Johnson’s baby lotion helps nourish and keeps your baby’s skin hydrated for upto 24 hours. This works well for baby skin that is not too dry. Applying a generous amount of Johnson’s lotion that is enriched with emollients is thicker and helps preserve baby skin’s natural softness.


Mild Fragrances: Fragrances in baby products help them feel comfortable. It helps in their sensorial development and helps improve baby’s mood and strengthening the mum baby bond. However, fragrances used in baby’s products should be safe and free from any allergens and should not cause any harm to baby’s delicate skin. These should be tested and pass the standards of IFRA. Fragrances used in Johnson’s baby meet the highest standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

Familiarising yourself with some of the above terms used on product labels will help you make the right choice. It is important that baby care products list out all the essential ingredients used in the product on the package. If the above checklist is in sync with the ingredients on the product package then you have chosen a safe product for your baby. The thumb rule is to avoid products with irritants and choose the ones that are mild and 100% gentle because compromise has no place in the world of baby care!


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