What Not To Say to A Parent Of Twins!

As a mother of twins, I always feel like the centre of attraction wherever I go. Frankly, I don't mind it, and now over almost 2 years, I think it'll rather surprise me if that kind of attention is not showered on us!

What bothers me more often than not, is their questions and unsolicited advice and suggestions that come even when it's not welcome. Let me get you a glimpse of my Stardom struck conversations, with answers (I wish I could give), but I don't:

Q1. (When I was pregnant) wow! That's a huge belly – can I touch it?
Answer: Abso-freaking-lutely Not! Why would you want to touch my belly??!

Q.2. In dono me se "BADA" kon hai? (Who is the elder among the two?)
Answer: How are they twins if one is Bada'(elder) and one is Chota (younger)? This one is the question I hate most. I often end up saying, so and so was "born first". This answer helps me answer their question without answering their question!

Q12. My kids are just 10 months apart. You have no idea how difficult it is. I have raised them like twins!
Answer: Yes absolutely, I have no idea, any day having kids ten months apart is more difficult than having twins – said no twin mom ever!!!
Well… here it is... to all my readers, I have very well chalked down a list of what NOT to say to a parent of twins! Let me know in your comments if you have heard any such silly things from other people!

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Comments (3)

haha!!!ur answers were more funny than questions asked☺☺☺enjoyed reading

Funniest and most irritating ques ek mujhe de do.
like REAlllllY.
Aise kaun bolta h bhai.

OMG this is hilarious 😂.. Love the boys.

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