Top 5 Must Dos To Prepare Better For Parenthood

Top 5 Must Dos To Prepare Better For Parenthood


You think you are prepared for Pregnancy but the fact is you are never prepared enough till you experience it. Pregnancy not only brings in physical changes in women but also comes with plethora of changes in lifestyle and mindset of a couple. Having a baby is a responsibility. Parents-to-be need to reflect diligently into their lifestyle, nutrition and overall health and make necessary changes in order to prepare for this beautiful change.


Pregnancy is a time when parents- to-be become conscious about their do’s and don’ts. Let us touch the five most important aspects of preparing to be a parent and how to work towards it.


Happy Parents-Happy Baby

Welcoming the good news is accompanied with mixed emotions. While anxiety can play a major role, happiness plays an equal part. Be happy and cheerful through this journey. Keep stress at bay and find excuses to keep your mind positive. This not only helps the mom-to-be and her growing baby and his/her development, but also helps prepare a couple to shoulder the responsibility with love and affection.


Lifestyle Changes

While health of both the mom-to-be and the dad-to-be plays a key role in making a baby, health of the mom-to-be is of utmost importance during pregnancy to make a healthy baby. Dad-to-be’s lifestyle has an impact on mom-to-be and her baby. Both the parents need to ensure a healthy lifestyle that includes good eating habits along with adequate rest, exercise and plenty of bonding time. Bid adieu to erratic routine and harmful addictions like smoking and excessive drinking and switch to a routine that helps your body function better. Remember it takes a village to raise a baby and if you are on your own, you need the support of a good health to bring up your baby.


Nurture Nutrition

Pregnancy is a wake up call for many couples especially the mom-to-be to make necessary nutrition changes. Once the good news sinks in, couples become conscious of their growing baby and hence it is important that the mom-to-be’s eating habits make a healthy switch. Mom-to-be along with your prenatal vitamins, you should start taking supplements like Mother’s Horlicks enriched with 25 vital vitamins along with a well balanced diet for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.


Be Supportive

An expectant mom goes through a surge of hormonal changes making her depressed, cranky and vulnerable to extreme emotions. Her focus tends to shift to her baby more than her spouse. This shift in focus is the beginning of a new phase in a couple’s life wherein the dad-to-be might also start feeling neglected. The key is to be supportive of each other and work as a team. Spending time with each other, understanding a mom-to-be’s needs and an overall bonding which includes respect, care and mental as well as physical support is essential during this phase. This definitely helps parents work better as a team once the baby comes into this world.


Start Saving

Prioritizing personal finance as soon as you start contemplating adding to your family or as soon as you find out you're expecting helps you establish good habits and make the most of your money. Work towards eliminating credits and debits and start building on emergency fund in order to start securing your baby’s future by investing funds in relevant areas.


Having a baby (especially your first) can feel like a huge leap into the unknown. It's hard to predict all the ways your life will change, but one thing's for certain—your life will change. To ease some of that new baby stress, preparing well in advance will help make the most of your baby's first and subsequent years.

Disclaimer: It is important to consult with your Doctor before deciding the dose and content of nutrition before consumption.


The views, opinions and recommendations expressed in this article are solely those of the author and intended as an educational  aid



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