Because Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

Because Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

When we bring a baby into this world, we promise ourselves to give him or her the best of everything. We try to defend our children from everything that is a potential threat or harm. Babies are not born with a guide and hence it is always a challenge for parents to understand them and make the right decisions for them. Aren’t Moms and Dads expected to know everything that is associated with bringing up a child? Well, we seldom forget that parenting for Mom and Dad is as new as this world is to baby. Parents take every single precaution to ensure the child grows healthy and hearty. This means they are always on the lookout for answers, information and never want to miss out on things that can help them make an informed decision for their baby.


One such aspect of curiosity for parents is their baby’s well-being. An infant’s immune1 system doesn’t mature until around 2 to 3 months. In those first few months, the immune system — especially cell-mediated immunity — becomes more developed. This is very important in helping a child fight off viruses. This means that a 2-week-old baby’s immune system can’t fight viruses or bacteria nearly as well as a 3-month-old infant’s can. They are more susceptible to catching infections and diseases in these early months of birth2. One such disease is pneumococcal disease.


Lack of awareness about this disease can result in missing the right action at the right time. Let us know more about pneumococcal disease.


What is pneumococcal disease?

It is a contagious bacterial infection that can be noninvasive3 and lead to simple illnesses like ear infection to something as serious as brain fever. It is caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria, sometimes referred to as pneumococcus. It can affect anyone from a newborn to an adult. It can also become Invasive2 (can reach organs which are generally germ free),which means these bacteria can enter the bloodstream and infect the same.


Symptoms of pneumococcal disease

Children younger than 2 years of age are more at risk of getting this disease due to their low immunity. It can easily spread from person to person through mucus or saliva.


What might begin as a simple cold and cough could actually lead to something more serious and can definitely be prevented by taking the right measures at the right time.


Being proactive always helps in case of baby’s health and wellbeing, than being reactive. Precautions and preventions are two important measures that should be considered from the time a baby is conceived. These measures root from being well informed and with right awareness. The best way to approach this is by talking to your Doctors and Health Care Providers. Because when it is about baby’s health, there is nothing called “Compromise”.

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