What Makes Your Home A Reflection Of Your Health?

What Makes Your Home A Reflection Of Your Health?

I was blessed to marry the guy of my choice and move into his ancestral home in Belgaum, where every nook and corner had a story to tell about every generation that took birth there and grew up to succeed in their endeavours. Although I spent only few months, before we moved into a rental apartment in Mumbai due to our work commitments, I cherished every moment of my stay in that house. I always dreamt of having an abode where everything from walls to ceiling would reflect our taste and personality, a home where me and my husband would return every end of a tiring day and find peace and solace. A home which will tell stories of generations to come.


When we had our first child, my husband and I decided to buy our own home in Mumbai. We decided to go for a comfy and cozy apartment in a plush society in Mumbai suburbs which already had some basic interiors in place. With a small baby around we refused to spend our energy and budget in making alterations to our home and decided to settle in with our belongings. It’s been a decade now and our house has witnessed its shares of ups and downs. Everything from welcoming our second baby to my children’s giggles, our arguments, loud laughs and hidden tears, our home has seen it all.


Last year, for unknown reasons, visit to Doctor’s clinic became more frequent. Sometimes it was for my children to treat their skin infections and cough or for my in-laws for their respiratory infections. We kept blaming the weather but never realized the reason could be something else. During one such consultation visit, we realized that the walls of our house were probably the prime breeding ground for bacteria. Bacterial colonies can grow on walls and no amount of cleaning products can compensate for these breading colonies.. These bacteria can trigger respiratory infections and skin infections. Finally we were able to find our culprit-the bacteria breading walls!


It was time to take action and paint our walls with an Anti-Bacterial# paint that not only gives a beautiful makeover to your house but also protects your family’s health. We chose Asian Paints Royale Health Shield with Silver Ion technology, a technology recommended* by Indian Medical Association, that kills 99%# of infection causing bacteria on walls.



The interiors of a home is a reflection of a family’s health. The excellent finish of this paint has given my home a luxurious looking decor. Paints definitely play an important role in making your dream home beautiful and exquisite while protecting your family’s health. So choose to make your walls safe and good looking


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#Royale Health Shield with Silver Ion Technology, within 2 hours of exposure kills 99% bacteria on walls.
For full and complete disclaimer please visit www.asianpaints.com/healthshield
* Fomite Infections (bacteria) can spread through infected walls among other indoor surfaces in homes and offices. 

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