4 Truths No One Told You About Baby Care Products

4 Truths No One Told You About Baby Care Products

With lots of excitement and blessings, we welcome our little bundle of joy into our lives. A mom-to-be is always that extra cautious to make sure she is doing everything right and is giving the best to her baby while in the womb and continues to do so even after the baby comes into this world. We trust ourselves to bring a little life into this world. This faith comes from making informed choices and the trust we place in the products that we use for our child.
One such aspect of trust and care comes from skincare products that we use for our babies. When it is about baby products, moms tend to choose something that is either recommended by other moms or have been used across generations. Johnson’s Baby is one such brand that hosts a range of baby products that have been tested and evolved for over 125 years, used and recommended across generations. Millions of mums trust Johnson’s for their babies. Also, it is used by most doctors on their own babies.

What makes these products trustworthy and highly recommended?

Just the Truth!

Truth of Ingredients: Baby skin is 3x more sensitive than an adult’s skin. This means the products we use on baby’s skin should have no harmful chemicals and should be clinically proven mild. Johnson’s baby ensures this safety in their products since they are free from parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, dyes, asbestos & sulphates. They have no harmful chemicals and give 100% gentle care.

Truth of Purity: Anything that goes on a baby skin has to be tried and tested. It has to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality, purity and compliance standards. Products like talc should pass multiple skin irritation tests before being certified safe while a baby shampoo should be made of tear-free formulations to give a tear-free bathing experience to babies. With products from Johnson’s Baby, the truth of purity prevails till date.

Truth of Mildness: Baby’s skin is 3x more sensitive than an adult’s skin. The products that we use on baby’s skin has to be clinically proven mild and not just clinically tested mild. These products should pass with a 100% success rate through multiple tests for allergies and irritation. Products from Johnson’s Baby are not only clinically proven mild but also gentle on baby skin. The fragrances used in all Johnson’s baby products are compliant to the highest IFRA standard and are absolutely mild for your little one.

Truth of Safety: Any baby care product should contain only essential ingredients. These ingredients should be clearly displayed on the product package and hence give complete transparency to moms. The ingredients in the product should pass all the levels of safety. With products from Johnson’s Baby, there are no two thoughts on this truth - they assure safety and transparency in their ingredients.

Johnson’s baby lists 100% of its ingredients at the back of the pack. All its products come with a Clinically Proven Mild seal and are tested with 5.5 lakh parents globally.

The baby market is loaded with a plethora of baby care products that claim to be safe and natural for baby skin. Very few reveal the truth about their products. Johnson’s baby is used by most doctors on their own babies as they have no harmful chemicals and give 100% gentle care. Also, this has only been possible because of the trust and belief of generations of parents on Johnson’s baby.


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