4 BBC Momstars Who Are on the Top of their Game

4 BBC Momstars Who Are on the Top of their Game

BBC Momstars have been a helping hand to so many mothers experiencing motherhood. ‘Momstar ki khoj’ was held on 2019 across 4 cities Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore where BabyChakra shortlisted four popular moms from each city and entitled them as ‘BabyChakra’s Momstars’. These are strong,  determined and hard-working  moms breaking stereotypes and enjoying their life at the same time.


1.Purva Wahi (Delhi Momstar)

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This mom takes pride in raising her child Kabir. Figuring out how to buy groceries, running errands and cooking duties- She knows better than anyone that a mother’s work is never done! Finding some ‘Me Time’ feels like ages ago. She is ready to sacrifice some things along the way so that she can shape her kid’s future. We were touched by her solicitude towards her kid and entitled her as Delhi’s Momstar 2019.


2. Kuhoo Gupta (Pune Momstar)

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Kuhoo Gupta is the founder of “The K Junction”. She is a wellness coach, energy healer and a parenting coach. Her website also has online courses on parenting, personal growth and spiritual transformation. She believes in following her heart and shares exciting ideas to keep one’s child engaged on her instagram feed. This mom loves to grab every opportunity that brings out the best version of herself. That’s why she deserves to be Pune’s Momstar.


3. Banashree Gala (Mumbai Momstar)

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‘Fitness Freak’ is the word to define her at the first glance through her instagram feed. She believes in posting good content is more engaging for her followers. She doesn’t hesitate to take a break on hitting low times in life. We love her attitude towards life and her tips on parenting. She also shares many fashion ideas on how a simple dress can make a trendy look when paired with the right accessories. Banashree’s fierce and ‘Never say Never’ attitude earns her Mumbai’s Momstar title.


4. Saria Nazneen(Bangalore Momstar)

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One should take inspiration from her as she has found ways to raise her kids and take some time off for blogging at the same time. The most challenging part for her is to cut down some of her leisure time in order to avoid burning the candle at both ends. Be it work or home, she puts her mommy hijab on! This drives her to stay motivated and positive all day long. She believes in embracing her imperfections and always challenge hurdles with a huge grin on her face!

Being a Mother is the most tough and rewarding time at the same time! Kudos to all the Momstars who have clarity and focus in life without being frazzled while managing career and family at the same time. Getting their ducks in a row is the secret to enjoying this phase of motherhood.


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