Jumbo Kids Sneak Peek Week

Jumbo Kids Sneak Peek Week

Every Kid deserves quality education where versatile learning has the utmost importance. The learning should be personalized, enjoyable, lively, interactive, resolute and collaborative. Every education system should encourage children to dream big, to be creative, innovative and enthusiastic problem solvers with outstanding communication skills. And this is what inspired the Podar Jumbo Kids Platinum (PJK Platinum) to come up with the idea of Jumbo Kids Sneak Peek Week. (January 20 - January 24)

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Podar Jumbo Kids is the first-ever preschool in Mumbai which is based on  the Finnish education system. Now PJK Platinum brings you Sneak Peek Week, a world-class, versatile learning experience for the kids for a whole week. Jumbo Kids facilitates Nordic Baccalaureate Exploration curriculum combined with the best pedagogical approach to ensure the kids get an all-round educational experience.


PJK Platinum through their Pre-K to 12 approach, encourages the students to discover their true passions, explore creativity and shape their own future. Unlike CBSE and IB, who have the teacher-student ratio of 40:1 and 20:1 respectively, PJK Platinum’s student-teacher ratio is 8:1, which ensures each student gets the necessary attention and guidance throughout their learning process.  

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PJK Platinum ensures personalised learning with the following strengths:


  1. The student-teacher ratio of 8:1
  2. Utilizing teacher observations of learning
  3. Dynamic grouping
  4. Appropriate learning pathways
  5. Stronger student-teacher relationships

And now your kid can attain PJK Platinum’s international learning experience too. Isn’t it amazing?

PJK Platinum Sneak Peek Week is an amazing learning experience where educational experts from Finland will be coming to Mumbai and explain everything about the concepts of Nordic Baccalaureate and the Exploration stage. Sneak Peek Week is a whole week of free of charge sessions to give your kid a chance to experience playful, multifaceted learning with fun by accessing a variety of educational material, books and activities.
The week will focus on enhancing and improving children’s all-inclusive advancement through various personalized and interactive exercises circling around academics, arts, health and skills. The biggest inspiration behind the Sneak Peek Week is to provide an enjoyable learning experience to the kids.



What Happens in a Day of Jumbo Kids Sneak Peek Week?


1. Circle Time

In the Circle Time, all the kids sit together to get to know each other better. They are introduced to each other and they share their hobbies and interests. They are introduced with new activities which they can perform in a group collaboratively. This teaches the children many important qualities like collaboration, teamwork, trust, and to form a good relationship with other children.


2. Activity

Activity time is the time where kids are introduced to personalized activities based on their interests. Through Montessori activities, kids are presented with individual or group activities according to their needs. The Montessori activities help the kids to enhance their learning abilities with the help of fun, playful activities related to self-care, environmental care, fine motor skills and basic art and craft.


3. Free Play / Focused P.E.

Jumbo Kids have an amazing indoor play area for kids where they come together and play different interactive games. The free play (2 days) in the indoor play area helps the kids to develop their physical capabilities and enhance physical development. The free play in the classroom gives children an opportunity to create something unique by using their imagination.


4. Story Time:

The Story Time (3 days) is the best way for your kid to use their imagination to paint the picture with words. The Story Time helps to build the kids’ creativity and imagination through storytelling.

Parents play an important role in the learning process of the child, PJK Platinum believes in involving the parents with their child’s learning progress. To keep up with our fast-paced lifestyle, PJK Platinum provides a versatile smartphone app, Kindiedays.
With Kindiedays App, the parents can also understand and follow up the concepts, learning outcomes, daily routines and activities to ensure their child’s progress. Now, that’s really awesome!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s give your kid an international versatile learning experience by PJK platinum, Mumbai’s First-ever Preschool based on the Finnish education system – FREE OF CHARGE! 

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