Top 5 Ahmedabad Mom Bloggers Of India

Top 5 Ahmedabad Mom Bloggers Of India

There's no denying that working mothers are aces at performing various tasks. Between evolving diapers, setting up playdates and shuffling phone calls, the present career-oriented women are battling to satisfy unrealistic hopes. Not exclusively are they carpooling, cooking supper and making Pinterest-commendable birthday celebrations. They're likewise spending incalculable  hours at the workplace  ascending their way up the professional ladder. Kudos to such moms who do their job without complaining and manage to find time for self-care too. We would like to introduce Top 5 Ahmedabad Mom Bloggers you will love to hear about. 

1. Khushbu

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If you are someone who is strict about skincare, Khushbu is someone you will love as she has done numerous product reviews which can help you choose the right kind of beauty products suitable for your skin type. She believes that upbringing of a happy kid requires positive attention from parents else they will look for it elsewhere. Khushbu stepped into blogging seamlessly and has taken the blogging world by storm. Her sheer elegance makes her stand out as she has put in hard work in creating a colourful feed that greets the eye.


2. Alpa Maheshwari

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She is a mom who loves Fashion, Travel and Food. She says ‘yes’ to motherhood with confidence and wishes to raise a healthy kid. Since life does not come with any insurance, she keeps herself open to all challenges. Mom to a young boy, her vitality and enthusiasm will leave you stunned. Her love for blogging has been displayed in the content she makes. 

3. Neha Khatri 

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She was an Airline cabin crew member before stepping into blogging. She loves visiting new places but is strict about her skincare routine at the same time. She even shares tips on skincare while on the road. Apart from skincare, she also discusses many tips on baby care while travelling. She agrees that being a mother is a full-time job and ‘love’ is the only payback for it. For her, self-care and child-care have to be balanced for a joyous life. She suggests many ways for her supporters to make time for themselves and not to be very conscious about the mommy role.


4. Khushbu Majithia

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Khushbu agrees that a mom goes through so many emotions be it depression or happiness. A woman transforms into a ‘mother’ the same day her baby is born. She convinces moms alike that they are doing a great job when it comes to fulfilling all the needs of her little one. She does not believe in cutting off a child’s wings instead allow them to fly and explore their world freely. She believes in listening to her own voice and not following the others. Her absolute candour and large-hearted nature is something we love.


5. Ridaan. razin

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This ‘Desi Mom’ loves to share her parenting stories with her supporters. She loves to review products ranging from food to skincare. Her way of writing about the ups and downs in life will make you nod in agreement. We love her sense of humour and honesty in her posts. If you are one of the grumbling parents, you should follow her to realize that all moms are in the same boat. She agrees that Parenting is a roller coaster  ride that makes you  want to scream and smile occasionally.


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