Making Subtle Choice For Supple Skin

Making Subtle Choice For Supple Skin

With the birth of a baby, a Mother is born. Motherly instincts start working from the minute a woman knows she is pregnant. With pregnancy and subsequent motherhood, comes responsibility. With such a tender miracle, there cannot be any compromise. With babies, everything has to be the best and absolutely safe. This is the mindset of every mother, every parent. Babies are not born with handbooks. They come into this world with a blind trust. A baby’s trust in his/her mother or father is eternal. There is no way a parent can take a chance on any aspect related to his/her care and health.

Trust is the word that strengthens a child’s bond with parents. Parents build this further by ensuring that they make all the right choices for their child to the best of their ability. One such trust that builds this bond stronger is giving your baby a complete skin care. Once the baby is out of the protective walls of a mother’s womb, he/she is exposed to all sorts of harmful external factors. This makes it extremely important for parents to be cautious and proactive when caring for a baby.

Baby Skin is tender, soft and sensitive. It is essential to make the right choices of baby products. Not everything may be good for your baby’s skin. Doing some research and staying informed about the pros and cons of a baby product is always the key to buying the right thing. Peer recommendation, Doctor recommendation, trust, product reviews and self instinct are a couple of ways one can zero down on a baby product.


Let's look at some of the key features that one must look for in a baby care product:


pH Levels

Babies born in cool cities may be prone to dry skin whereas babies exposed to humid weather may face sweat issues. Baby products should be pH balanced to maintain the right level of moisture in the skin. pH level of a baby skin differs from that of an adult and also varies in different parts of the baby’s body. Hence always go by your doctor’s recommendation to understand what pH level works best for your baby. Lack of a balanced pH level in your baby’s skin makes it more prone to catching infections.



Let’s not be too quick to say NO to preservatives. Remember, a skin care product requires some sort of preservative in order to maintain a shelf life. Ensure the baby products that you pick for your baby is low on chemical and synthetic ingredients like Parabens, Dyes, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Asbestos and Sulphates. Natural preservatives are essential in small amounts in any baby care product to maintain freshness of the product. This also assures safety.


Mild Cleanser

When it comes to babies, always choose gentle. A mild cleanser helps keep baby clean and fresh. It is essential to double check that the product is clinically proven mild. Mild cleansers can do wonders to baby skin by keeping it soft and supple. Cleansers should only have ingredients which are safe and give 100% gentle care.



Who doesn’t like baby smell? The sense of purity and essence of freshness comes from baby products which are infused with the right amount of fragrance. Fragrance helps in making bonds. Baby products play an important role in building bonds between mom and baby. Fragrances used in baby products need to be safe and should be certified by IFRA.



Moisturizing a baby's skin is definitely an essential routine. Using the right moisturizing product can help restore the skin's moisture levels and make it soft. Baby skin is prone to dryness, itchiness and flakiness. A great tip is to moisturize baby’s skin after a bath and before bedtime. This is an amazing way to help baby relax and soothe. Always ensure the product has only essential and minimal ingredients.

Choosing a baby product is no child’s play. It is important to check if its clinically tested or clinically proven, mild and trustworthy. A proactive way to ensure this safety is to turn the bottle and read the ingredients. Because with babies, there is no room for error!

To trust what goes inside your baby care product is very important. You can choose to trust and put your faith in brands like Johnson’s baby. Not only they are Clinically Proven Mild and have no harmful chemicals. They only use fragrances that meet the highest standards set by IFRA. They are made with only the essential and purposeful ingredients that give 100% gentle care.


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