Top Mom and Parenting Blogs in India

Top Mom and Parenting Blogs in India

Moms are gifted with a superpower of raising a child- a responsibility that can’t be dealt better than her. In this era, working moms is no longer a OMG factor but their dedication to parenthood and career is alike. Moms turned bloggers are paving a path for other moms alike who are trying to build their profession. Here is a list of top Mom bloggers who have been a helping hand to moms starting their blogging career.


1. Pooja Kawatra

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A Lifestyle, parenting and nourishment blogger who wants to share her parenthood venture through her blog 'Mums&Babies'. This mum wants to catch each minute relished with her children, as life is too short for every occasion. Mother to two kids - Aayan(11) and Kaira(6) and Pooja is a Cancer survivor, Pooja Kawatra is a contender in any event. You can find glimpses of her family trips in her Instagram feed. Additionally, you can follow her for inspiration on life.


2. Jasmeet Kaur Deep

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‘Happy and Energetic’ are the two words to describe her Instagram feed. This mum lives her life to the fullest and acknowledges whatever comes her way. She shares her life experiences with her supporters and delivers content in a beautiful manner. She is cautious about her skin and shares hacks on healthy and glowing skin. She always dresses up in clothes that makes her feel comfortable in her own skin. Always a trendsetter and regular about her skincare routine.


3. Mandavi Jaiswal

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Mandavi Jaiswal wants to share her voyaging encounters on her blog AnUrbanNomadic with her supporters. She is a Writer, CoFounder, Travel Dreamer and a delightful parent devoted to bringing up more advantageous, joyful and debunking child. She is ready to break stereotypes and follow her heart. She Quit a well paid corporate job just to write and feel more herself.


4. Nisreen sidhpurwala

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Nisreen tries to make a situation for kids (at home and any other place) that will enhance their creative mind, innovativeness, sustain their wellbeing and prosperity.This also strengthen them. What's more, her major objective is to let kids thrive into the one of a kind people that they're intended to be. She wants to be a positive influence in her child’s life by being more patient.

5. Dr. Seema Nanda

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Seema spurs and motivates everybody to get in shape and have glowing skin, without avoiding junk food completely but by following certified methods for getting more fit. She is ready to debunk fitness myths and spill some exciting insider hacks on beauty. She shares tips on promoting healthy eating ways and anti-ageing foods for a longer life. She likewise gives tips on making your morning meal solid and increasingly beautiful. She believes in a healthy lifestyle incorporated with regular cardio workouts. This is the only manta to a happy lifestyle.


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