4 Tried & Tested Winter Care Tips For a Smooth Baby Skin

4 Tried & Tested Winter Care Tips For a Smooth Baby Skin


While your baby’s skin may feel as soft as silk, but did you know that 2 out of 3 babies in India have dry skin? Some babies are genetically prone to have dry skin, but factors like hard water, dry heat, sensitivity to chemicals and fragrances or something as simple as cold and dry winter weather can make it worse for others. Winter may also further raise concerns like redness, itchiness and eczema hence requiring that extra attention to help keep your baby’s delicate skin soft and supple.

Let us unveil the secrets to maintain a kissably soft baby skin during winter.

Pampering - Oil Massage

Massage has plethora of benefits for baby. It not only helps in increasing blood circulation and building immunity, but also improves baby’s digestion and keeps him or her warm. Massaging the baby in winters is all the more essential as his or her skin tends to get dry and chapped due to the constant switch between cold and dry air. Massaging your baby with a baby oil helps restore all the lost moisture, replenishing the soft skin from within. Just ensure that the room where you are massaging your baby is warm and cozy and your hands are not cold either.



Cleansing - Bathing or Sponging

While summers are the best time to let your baby enjoy being in water, it is not ideal to expose his or her skin to water for too long during winter. A quick warm water bath is the key to prevent excessive dryness in winter. Use baby wash and shampoo that is free from harmful chemicals and is gentle on your baby’s skin. Since babies do not sweat much in winter, you could alternate between hot water bath and giving a warm sponge bath. Late morning or noon is the best time of the day to sponge or bathe your baby in winter.

Protecting -Moisturizing

Baby’s skin loses moisture 2x times faster than an adult’s skin. Moisturizing your baby’s skin with a baby lotion or cream twice a day, after bath and before bed, not only helps retain moisture but also nourishes and hydrates the skin. Apply Johnson’s baby lotion, with 24 hour moisture lock, generously after bathtime when your baby’s skin is slightly damp for better absorption. If your baby’s skin is extremely dry then use Johnson’s baby cream enriched with emollients that form a protective layer on the skin and helps preserve skin’s softness naturally all day long.



Maintaining - Hydration

While skin can be hydrated externally with creams and lotions, feeding your baby with adequate fluids also helps in preventing dryness in winter. Make sure your baby is well fed if breastfeeding exclusively or is consuming sufficient fluids and a well balanced nutrition if your baby is a little older. Internal nutrition helps baby’s skin stay hydrated naturally.

Another important aspect of baby’s skin is its pH balance. pH of a baby’s skin is different from that of an adult and varies in different parts of his or her body. You must always ensure the lotions and creams that you use for your baby are pH balanced.

Apart from these essential tips to manage a soft and supple baby skin in winter, it is important that the products used for your baby are: clinically proven mild, free from chemicals like parabens and dyes and are recommended by Doctors. When you make the right choice of skin care products for your baby, you are promising and ensuring your baby the best care.


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