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BabyChakra Superstars Program

BabyChakra Superstars Program

BabyChakra has always been in the forefront of working towards our community! We listen to your queries and your concerns with care. We understand the joy and the sacrifices you have made to be a mom who is always their for her children.
With love and utmost pride, we present to you BabyChakra Superstars program. A platform which enables you to become a bread-winner for your family, boosts your self-confidence and hears you say with confidence, ‘‘I am earning now’!

BabyChakra superstars program is tailor-made for anyone and everyone who wants to start earning from the comfort of their home! This program encourages everyone to talk about products which they use regularly for their kids, influence people, ultimately share links and earn money from their comfort of your home.

Whenever someone shops from your link, you earn commission on that purchase. The commission BabyChakra aspires to give is because of their Honest Pricing policy.
Apart from good commission, BabyChakra has a weekly bonus which can be a surprise cash bonus or if you meet your targets before the set date, you get to go on an international trip with your family!


Benefits of BabyChakra Superstars Program:

  1. Earn while working from home
  2. Get commission on every sale you do
  3. Get money in your account every 30 days.
  4. No investment require
  5. Weekly cash rewards upwards of Rs. 1000 when you achieve your targets
  6. Separate panel to check your earnings everyday
  7. Your own relationship manager to solve all your queries

So get set and start your beautiful journey to a self-independent women who is now a Superstar!

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