Top IB Schools In Bangalore

IB curriculum in India is a phenomenon that is new to this generation of kids. It aims at learning through experience and observation, rather than by way of academics alone. They stress on overall knowledge and in developing the child's ability to navigate concepts through different subjects as he learns. It is also the gateway to admissions for higher education in select foreign universities. If that's what you are looking for, here are the schools you could evaluate in Bangalore:

1. The International school Bangalore (TISB)

With an internationally acclaimed programme, boarding and a wide array of facilities, TISB proves to be an impressive schooling option. The class sizes are small with a maximum of 25 per class and the syllabus aims for versatility so if your child intends to study abroad their chances are extremely good. In addition to this the campus boasts of a wonderful infrastructure with sporting facilities, dining, a medical centre, drama, studio and amphitheatre.

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• Phone: +91 80 22634900

6. Stonehill International School

Stonehill boasts of IB scores at an international level accompanying an impressive infrastructure with facilities for everything from swimming to cricket and a dedicated performing arts programme with a special arts centre. There main focus is towards enabling their students to become global citizens. The school also arranges for international trips for greater exposure, this in addition to the diverse student population will allow for plenty of cultural exposures.

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• Phone: +91 80 43418300

7. India International School

With a firm foundation in activity-based teaching and an emphasis on learning through doing such as field trips, IIS has produced plenty of national level toppers. This residential school has state-of-the-art facilities with a tennis academy and training in a variety of sports available. It also offers other activities such as yoga, with a strong infrastructure offering labs for everything from the sciences to ELT.

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• Phone: 080 28439001


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It's good that they have professional and skilled teachers who can provide education after knowing the abilities and weaknesses of a student. I think it is important for every school to hire the best teachers available in the society. Moreover, I am impressed to read your reviews and want to thank you for this great knowledge.

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