Moms Acing Their Motherhood in 2021

Moms Acing Their Motherhood in 2021

Just set foot on brand-new motherhood? Feeling lost while feeding and cleaning the baby’s mess already? Looking for ways to tighten your belts after welcoming the baby? In spite of the mother Google being a solution to all your above problems, here is a list of mom bloggers to rely on,  giving you reasons to laugh, cry and wake up to this new role as a parent another day. You can look up to these super moms to enjoy this sea-saw of motherhood.

1. Sania Mirza

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Sania Mirza came back with a bang! She has set examples by winning 42nd doubles title at the Hobart International in her first tournament in over two years. Sania Mirza was ready for Motherhood when it felt it was the right time for her to welcome a baby. Sania's pregnancy likewise appears to be a lesson for ladies in adjusting their vocations and family and how they don't need to abandon one for the other. Her motto was to stay physically active throughout the pregnancy and aimed to strike a balance between “Me-Time” and  Parenthood.


2. Prithi

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Prithi Narayanan is the spouse of Ravichandran Ashwin(Cricketer). They are blessed with two daughters, named Akhira and Aadhya. She has a taste for south Indian food, Kadalai Curry being one of her favourites. Her curly hair compliments her look- be it traditional or western! Prithi is also a well-known classical dancer and she loves to hit the gym to stay fit and healthy. She gives full assistance to her significant other's cricket profession. Prithi is also an old-style craftsman. She gets a kick out of the opportunity to walk and practice in the rec focus to stay sound.

3. Simrun

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Simrun Chopra is a certified Nutritionist who specializes in nutritive value of various foods. She is a gym lover and she decides to complete something once she makes up her mind to do it. She even gives life lessons to her supproters that are motivating and eye-opening. She loves to share her workout routine so that it can be helpful for people new to exercise or gym. She doesn’t hesitate to reach out to people looking for someone to confide in. Bold, motivated and hard-working, this woman is set to break all the stereotypes. Consider this your go-to spot for the latest information on travel, parenting, and kid-friendly recipes.


4. Afsha

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Afsha, mother to little bag of cuteness, named Haniya resides in Banglore. She loves to write about fashion, lifestyle, beauty, mommy life and the experiences of raising a child. She considers herself an expert in multi-tasking and her blog beingmomtastic (Mom +Fantastic) assures to entertain newbies for a 5 minute escape from regular routine. Turn on your notifications for her account to be the first to get your hands on amaziing giveaways! Coffee and Chocolates are the two things that keep her pumped up during hectic schedules.


5. Farha

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This mom was featured in the qnaindia magazine as a Lifestyle and Mom blogger. She is a Digital Marketer by profession and blogging is her passion. She looks striking in her signature pose of one hand on her waist and the other reaching out for the shades or hair. She even spreads awareness about climate change and the steps one can take to stop this misdeed. She is protective of her baby Anamta and is very specific about the products she uses on her baby. Anamta gets her chubbiness from her mom and we love both of them. You will find advice on baby products and emotional stories sure to hit you right in the feels.

6. Zainab

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Zainab takes every one of the strides that will make her grow into a healthier and happier person. This mom loves offering advice, support, and information for moms in the trenches. Consider this your go-to spot for the latest information on travel, parenting, and fitness. She has also dedicated the right side of her feed to small yet inspiring quotes or random questions to engage with her supporters in a better way. This is a space for moms looking for posts from product reviews to self-care.

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