Mom Bloggers Starting Their 2021 With a Bang!

Mom Bloggers Starting Their 2021 With a Bang!

While moms today are focussed on their career, some young ladies still stress that having a baby will make it hard for them to build up their career. Shockingly that thought can be turned around by maintaining a balance between work and family. In any case, from options such as blogging, you can discover satisfaction without losing your mental stability. If you are wishing to start your own blog, you can look up to these mom bloggers for discovering your niche.


1. Tanvi Mehta Srivastava

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Beautiful, fun, lively- there are numerous words to describe her feed. For moms looking for parenting with a side of humor, and giveaways you’ll absolutely want to follow this mother. Running out of clothing ideas? From chiffon sarees to woolen jackets- she can rock any look. She faces all the challenges with her head high and is a role model for moms wishing to start a blogging career.


2. Sona Saxena

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She loves to share her motherhood journey between the squares. A loving mother who takes time to review products in a unique way. There’s a lot of focus here on mental, physical, and spiritual health. Sona’s posts reflect her passion for helping women take better care of themselves. Her faith is woven through every word.

3. Anshika Gupta 

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Anshika Gupta runs a wordpress blog named “Anshumannu” where she boasts about everything from family to fashion. Imagine having a site testing and reviewing products so that moms can have the right pick. Well, Anshumannu is the right place to go for all your queries.


4. Khushboo Soni

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Khushboo Soni has given herself a tagline of “Creative Mom” and it suits her very well. She loves to add magic effects in her posts as you can see her flying in a saree in one of her posts. This is quite unique and innovative. You must definitely follow her for eye-opening images and kudos to her level of creativity.


5. Ritika Sonthalia 

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Mom Bloggers are really inspiring with their dedication towards parenting and blogging. This is a space for Lifestyle, Parenting, Fashion and Travel Tips. She even likes to share ideas that work for her and can be very helpful for other mothers. She even shares her perspective every Monday and inspires people to fight the monday blues.

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