Top 5 BabyChakra Moms to Follow in 2021

Top 5 BabyChakra Moms to Follow in 2021

Moms are doing an amazing job every day- their first time in changing nappies to the warmth in holding their little one, they hardly pull off some time for themselves. BabyChakra has been working with Moms who are strong, determined and hard-working. They are breaking stereotypes and enjoying their life at the same time. We have listed 5 BabyChakra Moms you should follow in 2020!

1. Shweta Singhvi

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You will love her attitude towards life and her tips on parenting. She also shares many fashion ideas on how a simple dress can make a trendy look when paired with the right accessories. She loves to travel. You should follow her for Travelling Tips as well.


2. Hiba Sekkeh Kotak

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From Beauty, lifestyle to Product Reviews this Mom’s profile has it all.
She shares glimpses of her life as a mom.
She loves to live with simplicity and even showcases simplicity in her dressing sense. It's amazing to watch moms turn into blogger and be a homemaker at the same time.


3. Abhilasha Jaiswal

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Abhilasha is an educationist, product reviewer, mom blogger & PR/Campaign manager. She posts about Parenting, Personal Growth, Product Reviews. You can watch out for Giveaways on her Profile as well. She is a proud mom of two girls. She shares their pictures on her profile as well. Adorable isn't it?


4. Sonam Jain

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Do you have a toddler who is a fussy eater? Then you should follow this mom. She is a Food Artist who will make your toddler enjoy his/her meal. She is a mom to a cute boy named kiaan. She loves to share his pictures on her profile as well. She loves sharing her experiences and ideas with other moms.


5. Rebecca

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She has worked with BabyChakra on many campaigns and collaborations. She loves to spread positive vibes. She is a supermom balancing her career and parenthood in a beautiful way.

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