Best Hand Soaps for Dry Cracked Hands

Best Hand Soaps for Dry Cracked Hands

How many times do you wash your hands in a day? Are you someone who is very particular about germs? The Global Hygiene Council recommends washing hands for a minimum of 6 times a day for good hygiene. You must be washing your hands before and after cooking, after using toilets, after petting your dog etc. So, there are many instances when your hands are subjected to cold and soapy water. No matter why you wash them, what product you use to wash your hands matters the most.

You might even be washing your hands more than 6 times a day. Ever thought that over-washing can pose a problem? Well, over-washing your hands with soaps manufactured with harsh ingredients can be blamed for dry and cracked hands. Most conventional soaps are designed to serve their purpose- clean your hands-free of 99.9% germs and leave it soft. Sadly, these same ingredients are the cause of dry and cracked hands.

How To Overcome Dry and Cracked Hands?

Applying lotion regularly can seem like the best option to keep your hands from drying out but this is only a temporary solution. It does not reach to the root of the problem and hence, not a better solution to opt. Instead of using more product on your cracked hands, opt for hand soaps that can moisturize and smoothen your hands. Soaps rick in natural ingredients like shea butter, almonds, aloe vera can bring back the smooth feel to your hands.

If your hand is too dehydrated, it will cry out for help through cracks and  maybe even bleeds. If your hand feels this way then, there is an emergency to replace your soap. For deep hydration, choose products infused with coconut oil, rich in vitamin E and fatty acids that restore moisture and  softness on the skin.

Ingredients to look for in a good hand soap:

1. Aloe Vera- The secret to soft skin lies in your garden! Aloe vera is moisturizing and its emollient nature can help cure dry and itchy skin and promotes healing of skin. Aloe vera infused soaps are milder and a great alternative to other soaps. It leaves your skin soft, supple and maintains the pH balance of your skin.

2. Shea Butter- Shea butter has a creamy consistency and has anti-inflammatory properties. Shea butter is rich in tree nut oils that get soaked in your skin, creating a smooth barrier that locks the moisture. Shea butter also has anti-ageing properties and frequent use definitely restores moisture and helps cure cracked hands.

3. Coconut Oil- Coconut oil can be linked to various benefits like reducing inflammation and healing wounds. Coconut oil improves skin hydration and helps treat eczema. It works as a barrier to keep out bacteria and fasten the healing process. The increased levels of collagen help in maintaining skin integrity.

Cure your chapped hands with soaps that are mild on your hands and free of chemicals. Opt for soaps that keep your dry and chapped hands looking and feeling their best all year around. Harsh chemicals can get through cracked skin and cause irritation. So, ditch the soaps you have used so far and opt for skin-friendly soaps.

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