Top 7 ICSE Schools In Bangalore

Top 7 ICSE Schools In Bangalore

Parenting offers a lot of tough choices and, prime amongst them is to decide the right school for your child. You might need to weigh whether your child has special requirements or if you plan to stay in the same city long-term in addition to the usual factors regarding location, school facilities, faculty, subject availability, class size and emphasis on extra-curricular activities.

1. Bishop Cottons Boy's School

Considered to be the 'Eton of the East', this English medium school was founded in 1865, thereby ensuring an established foundation and reputation. Located within the centre of the city on Richmond road, it offers both day and residential schooling. Set over a sprawling 13 acres, it boasts of a strong infrastructure with well-equipped labs, libraries, book stores and with a strong emphasis placed on sports.

Phone Number: (080) 22213835/608

2. Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International Boys School

Gurukul offers day and residential schooling, and located on the outskirts of the city, and has an impressive infrastructure. Classrooms are digitally equipped, they have labs for mathematics and science. Activity-based learning is encouraged. In addition to this, exposure to the real world is a significant part of the programme with visits to places of educational importance within and outside the country.
This school is known to use modern teaching methods such as interactive smart classrooms activity-based learning. The school emphasises on holistic learning, teaching children moral values and philosophies.

Phone Number: (080) 32985000

3. Sophia Girls School

Sophia's is well-known within the city for producing a high calibre of students in terms of more than just academics. The school only offers day schooling and operates from nursery to the 12th grade with transportation provided.

A relatively small campus, it still provides a rigorous academic experience and offers a range of activities including clubs for commerce, drama, science, dance, cooking and music, and sports such as cricket, tennis, swimming, basketball, pool and yoga. The arts are also nurtured with music rooms, activity rooms, and arts and crafts specially provided. Teachers at Sophia Girls School are experienced and give all the students individual attention. Extra-curricular activities are encouraged.

Phone Number: (080) 22205683

4. St. Joseph's Boys School

Considered a part of the city's history, it was established in 1858, and offers a more traditional educational experience that has gently morphed with the times. Aside from the usual offerings such as labs for the sciences, a swimming pool and a play park, the infrastructure has grown to include computers in each classroom and a resource room. Established to help children with specific learning requirements, the resource room, or Pragati, is a fresh initiative. A counsellor is also available for the students during all working hours.

What sets it apart from most schools is the Opportunity School which caters to the differently abled or any special needs your child may have. Furthermore, all students receive in-depth college planning counselling under the Unilearning endeavour.

St. Joseph's Boy's School is considered to be one of the oldest schools in Bangalore. Not only does the school indulge students in sports with a well-equipped sports department, it encourages to join the National Cadet Corps and Model United Nations.

Phone Number: (080) 22214416

5. Bishop Cotton's Girls School

Much like its companion school, it has a long impressive history and is currently making sweeping improvements to its infrastructure with a brand new hostel for boarders and a swimming pool added to the campus.

The class size lies at roughly 50 per class and students have access to the same level of facilities as the boys' school.
In addition to a rigorous emphasis on academics, the faculty encourages the development of other skills through clubs for arts, choir, guides and 'bulbuls', the NCC, the Students Association for Fire Education, nature and adventure. The school offers a wider variety of extra-curricular activities such as National Cadet Corps, Choir and Students Association for Fire Education.

Phone Number: (080) 22213083

6. Ryan International School

Geared to holistic education, Ryan aims to ensure learning is not only fun but experience-based as well. Classrooms are interactive and digitally equipped with a low student-teacher ratio. In addition, to a wide variety of sports on offer, the school also participates in a variety of national and international events such as Model United Nations as well as exchange programs or workshops with the likes of NASA. The school also has a media course for senior students who train in journalism or film production.

The school offers excellent transportation facilities which make it easier for children who live far away to attend school. The school encourages children to participate in scholastic competitions like the Olympiads.

Phone Number: (080) 27828213, Corporate Office: (022) 28543094

7. Mallya Aditi International School

Another champion of the holistic approach, Mallya Aditi combines extra-curricular activities with the regular curriculum which in itself is extremely activity-based. Domains of development is a special initiative where students learn everything from pottery to South-Indian music or go trekking.

The school emphasises in teaching children the Creative Arts such as dance, drama and music. Students are also encouraged to be socially responsible with projects carried out in partnership with NGOs or the likes of TEDX.

Phone Number: (080) 40447000


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