7 Amazing Life Hacks For New Parents

7 Amazing Life Hacks For New Parents

6 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Congratulations on being new parents but we’ll be the first to assume that you haven’t got everything figured out yet. There’s a tiny new human depending on you now and it’s a tough spot to be in. We can’t exactly do the hard work for you but we can make it a little easier. Here are a few life hacks that are sure to blow your minds and save the day (many days, actually). Happy parenting!

1. White noise to the rescue

If your baby is having some trouble sleeping or any sort of noise will wake him up immediately, then you can use white noise to your benefit. It can be a ceiling fan or a table fan faced away from the baby which will produce just the right amount of background noise for your baby to be soothed. There are also apps on google play store that will produce static white noise.

2. Warm up the crib mattress

When your baby falls asleep in your arms and you put them in the crib, the cold blankets, and the mattress could wake up your baby. Before you place your baby in the crib, place a heating pad to warm it up a little. Then remove the heating pad and you’re left with a comfortable and a cozy bed for your little one to snuggle in.

3. A bib in need is a bib indeed

Attach an adhesive hook to the back of the baby’s seat. You can hang baby bibs off it so that when you place your baby on the highchair to eat, you don’t have to run all the way to the bedroom to get a baby bib because it’s right there! You’re welcome 🙂

4. That flap-like thing on a onesie is not just for show

Onesies are probably the only thing you make your baby wear because you can easily change the diapers and your baby can’t just pull them off their body. But that extra flap on top of the onesie is so that you can stretch the neck hole in case you want to pull the onesie from below and not from over the head if there’s a poop explosion(you know what we’re talking about).

5. Who knew tape could be so useful

If you are traveling with your newborn, always carry duct tape with you. This is because, in hotels and new places, there might be electrical sockets at an accessible height for your baby. Use the duct tape to cover them and you can let your baby crawl or walk around in peace.

6. It’s difficult to be organized with a baby in the house. Not anymore

With babies come a lot of different things like bottles, pacifiers, bibs, toys, baby food and so on…These are usually scattered around the house. A better way is to use a hanging shoe rack that you can place behind a door a kitchen cabinet. Plus it’s transparent so you can see and choose rather than the other way round.

7. No more gas

If you have a feeling that your baby is gassy, then lay him flat on a blanket and move his legs around as if bicycling for a minute or so. This will put pressure on his little tummy ultimately letting a few rip. He won’t be colicky anymore.











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