7 Babycare Tips To Beat The Heat

7 Babycare Tips To Beat The Heat

4 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Seasonal changes take a toll on our bodies is different ways and for babies, this is no exception. An infant is more vulnerable and open to experiencing issues during summers. Here are seven baby care tips to help you ensure your baby’s comfort on hot summer days.

1. Water, water, everywhere!

Babies under 6 months require 50% more formula during the summer. So, make sure to give pure, clean water to your baby to keep them hydrated and avoid dryness of the skin. Babies are prone to losing important body fluids, skin rashes, and tantrums through perspiration. So, drinking water at regular intervals is a must to keep them comfortable and calm.

2. Shower From The Heat

Just like you, your child too would enjoy a relaxing shower to escape the heat. Treat your baby to a soothing bath or shower at least twice a day in order to smooth over some of their irritation and restlessness. Regular showers ensure the cleanliness of your baby and prevent harmful external agents from entering within. Using bathing oils would prove to be better too.

3. Chlorine Alert!

Summers are the best time for a nice cool dip in the pool. However, be careful if you’re taking your baby for these swimming sessions. They will definitely enjoy the pool, but keep away from it if you smell chlorine. Also, other chemicals can be found in the water that can have harmful effects on your baby’s skin. Pool temperatures should be checked too, as babies are more sensitive to the cold.

4. Summer: Breeding Ground of Disease

Summer is an inlet for mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs and insects alike. Many of them carrying harmful infections and diseases. Invest in a good bug spray/mosquito repellent. Spray it when your baby is outside your home to give time for the repellent to diffuse in the air. This prevents the baby from being exposed to the spray’s chemicals.

5. In Shade We Trust

When outdoors, always seek shade. Whether it is under an umbrella at the beach or below a tree at the park, there is shade everywhere. Tents can also be bought to outdoor spots for this purpose.

6. Cotton For Comfort

Dressing your babies in light, airy, and ventilating garments will ensure they are comfortable at all times. The best material for summer is cotton. Also, try avoiding dressing your baby in long clothes, as these can cause irritation, and go for more apt options like shorts and skirts.

7. Sunscreen

Even for babies as young as six months and below, a minimum amount of sunscreen, with a USP of 15, should be applied. For children over the age of six months, sunscreens can be applied in more amounts and at more regular intervals throughout the day. We know babies can be a handful during summers, so make sure to follow the tips provided above to ensure the best safety and protection for your growing and blossoming baby!











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