7 Clever Kitchen Tips And Tricks For A Busy Mum

7 Clever Kitchen Tips And Tricks For A Busy Mum

18 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Being a mother is not an easy job. We have to juggle between the work, the childcare, the household chores and even run some random errands. While doing so much work, it becomes hard to even get a peaceful hour to ourselves, forget about cooking elaborate fancy meals.

We are no magicians, but it doesn’t hurt to keep some tricks up our sleeves right? Here are a few tips and tricks that are going to help you cook your meal for your family and yourself a little easier.

1. Never decline a helping hand

If someone offers help, don’t shy away from it. We all need help sometimes and it is healthy to accept that. Even if that person is your clumsy hubby, unequipped son or daughter or your caring parent. Even the smallest and the simplest task like cutting vegetables will help you save a tonne of time. Though we all know you are a brilliant multitasker, ask and get help for cooking when you are running late.

2. Prepare ahead

When you know that you will not have time to cook the next morning, afternoon or night, prepare the night before that. Pre-cut vegetables, prepare the dough for the roti, mix all the masalas in a box and grind your ginger and garlic. After doing all this, all that will be left for you in the morning to do is to put all the ingredients in a pan and cook them.

3. Start using the pressure cooker

Even if you are cooking meat, rice or gravy, a pressure cooker comes in handy. This cooks the food much faster and there are less chances of you burning or overcooking the food. The last thing you want in the morning is burnt food to eat and feed your family, especially after putting so much effort in cooking.

4. Readymade is your genie

Your readymade mixes will save so much of your time, it’s almost unbelievable. There are so many varieties and brands that sell ready-made mixes and pastes so that you busy mums can have an easy and tasty meal every single morning. You can never go wrong with them. It is as easy as making maggie.

5. Make your sides the night before

Prepare the chutney, the raita, or the curry the night before so you don’t have to run around to make it in the morning. Do not keep it for the last minute, as it will only frustrate you even more. Also, a salty or watery side dish is never tasty to eat. Make it good when you have the time.

6. Cook extra

The easiest way of cooking food is to heat up the already cooked food. When you make extras you will definitely have some leftovers and that delicious leftover makes the perfect dinner or breakfast.

7. Order fresh veggies online

Long gone are the times when you have to run out every week to get groceries. There are so many online sites that will deliver fresh and local produc at your doorstep. Some of these online websites are Grofers, Big Basket, Nature’s Basket, ZopNow, and MyMoreStore. Try them out now.

Also, here is a list of dishes that are healthy, quick and easy to make.

1. Sandwiches

2. Sprouts salad

3. Chapati wraps

4. Egg curry

5. Mixed beans curry

6. Tomato rasam

You can find recipes for these dishes here.











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