7 Hairstyles For You To Choose From

7 Hairstyles For You To Choose From

19 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Tired of your everyday look? You’ll be surprised at how easily you can slip out of your regular hairdo and look different everyday without shelling out a bomb at the salon. Just changing the way you wear your hair can have a huge impact on your appearance. Here are a couple of must try hairstyles for you ladies!

1. Half up half down

This hairstyle works perfectly for women with thick hair. Parting your hair this way gives the best break up of the thick hair. Even if your hair isn’t as thick as you would like, the volume or puff on top can give you the much needed contrast to the hair over your shoulders. If you have a slightly large face and prefer to keep some hair on your forehead, a side fringe would do the trick.

2. The side braid

This hairstyle is an extension of the California girl look. The side braid is incredible easy to recreate and the rest of your hair can be left loose. This hairstyle works wonders for women with wavy and straight hair both.

3. Pin straight middle part

This one is for women who think their pin straight hair is as boring as it comes. That’s far from the truth. This look is perfect for a formal and informal event and is one of the easiest hairstyles to recreate on this list. All one needs is a wide tooth comb for the perfect middle parting and some hairspray to ensure your locks stay in place.

4. The French Braid

This one is an alternative to when the normal braid gets boring. You could finish this braid either with a sleek look with all your hair pinned neatly in the braid or you could go with the tousled messy hair braid for women with thicker hair. The messy braid is more for casual wear while the sleek look can be worn at a formal event.

5. Side sweep

The side sweep is easier to pull off than you can imagine. All one has to do is blow dry your bangs slightly outward instead on inward and leave a few loose curls for the rest of it. It works even with straight hair as the bangs take centre stage.

6. Pixie

This usually works better for women with smaller faces. If you’re tired of your long locks getting in the way and keeping you hot and sweaty in the summer, this one’s definitely for you. It’s one of the lowest maintenance hairstyles for women. This hairstyle works even for women with thick hair as it gives the messy wild hair look.

7. The high pony

Another innovative style to get rid of the misconception of the boring ponytail. The high pony is no longer restricted for gym and sweaty workouts. It’s a fuss free style for women who want to keep their hair off their face and still make their tresses shine.