7 Hairstyles To Fight Hair Loss Post Pregnancy

7 Hairstyles To Fight Hair Loss Post Pregnancy

24 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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“Eek!” is what you’re thinking, now that you’ve just pulled out a large chunk of hair.

“I’m going bald.”Is probably where your train of thoughts is leading you.

My baby is out and so is my hair!” Strike three.

Well we’re here to tell you, “Worry no more!” We are your superhero. Hair loss after pregnancy is quite common and quite temporary. I’ll just take a moment of your time to explain the biology behind it, before I give you the solution to the hellish problem you are facing. Hair isn’t as lame as you think. It’s quite complex. Hair goes through two phases – growth phase and resting phase. Resting phase is the state in which about 10% of your hair lies, and it lasts about 2-3 months.

At the end of this period, the hair which was in the resting phase falls. During pregnancy, due to all the extra hormones, the resting hair does not fall, but hair continues to go into this phase. Therefore, after pregnancy, when your hormone levels go down, all the hair, which was previously in the resting phase, falls off. It’s less of abnormal hair loss and more of catching up with the delayed hair loss.

“But what do I do, now that I’m on my way to looking like a naked mole rat?”

Until your hair growth stabilises, there are a few hairstyles you could try out which help combat the effects of postpartum hair loss.

A. For Round Faces

1. Short bob:

kaley cuoco short bob hairstyle

Though you may feel that a bob would accentuate the roundness of your face, there are ways of dealing with it that can make you look fabulous. If you have a round face, try angling the bob cut or parting it on the side. Additionally, make it wavy and graduated, making it shorter at the back than it is in front. It will make your thin hair appear less thin and will add volume to it, along with making your face look more oval. Bangs would be a great touch too.

2. Wavy-mid length:

wavy mid-length hairstyle

Longer hair makes the thinning of hair more obvious, so it’s safer for round faced people to go for a medium length. Using curlers to add waves to your hair can make your hair look lustrous and fuller. While a middle parting goes well with this style, to cover up thinning at the temples you could go for a side parting which doesn’t look any less sexy.

B. For square faces:

3. Curly bob:

curly bob hairstyle

This bob should be layered, with inward curls, for the best results. An asymmetric bob helps to reduce the sharpness/ angular appearance of the face. Alternatively, an asymmetric fringe could add some zing to that hairstyle.

C. For oval faces:

4. Long and layered:

long and layered hairstyle

The lucky thing about an oval face is that almost any hairstyle suits you. To add dimension to your thinning hair though, I would recommend a long and layered look. It gives you that slight elegance and is very easy to style. Adding curls to your layers could give you more volume. Avoid straightening it too much though, as this could make your hair appear thinner.

D. For long faces:

5. Pixie:

pixie hairstyle

Short haircuts make your long face appear shorter as opposed to long hair having the opposite effect. Though you’ll need guts with this hairstyle, it looks edgy and can accommodate the thinness of your hair. It looks best on oval faces when paired with side-swept short bangs. Fringes also reduce the long appearance of your face.

E. For heart-shaped faces:

6. Loose waves:

loose waves hairstyle

Waves look best on people with faces of this shape. Mid length hair, between the chin and shoulder, would be the ideal recommendation, paired with thick and long bangs as these make your forehead look less big and add the look of density to your hair.

F. For diamond-shaped faces:

7. Tousled waves:

tousled waves hairstyle

Layered hair with tousled waves fits any hairstyle. It’ll help soften the angels of your face and will add a look of thickness to your hair. Thick, short, wavy bangs can help add volume to the upper part of your face and head. This hairstyle can be tried as a short bob, but try to ad volume to the ends, around the chin or just below, while making it narrower at the sides.

Trying out these different hairstyles can help you rebuild your confidence. Apart from combatting postpartum hair loss, you may fall in love with the hairstyle you choose, so it’s a win-win.

Do keep in mind that just changing your style might not do everything to fix you up, so don’t be shy or sceptical about using product. Hair serum and hair colour (highlights, etc.) can do a lot to add to making your hair look voluminous. They add dimension to your hair and make it look fuller and thicker.











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