7 Honest Questions Wives Have About Their Husbands

7 Honest Questions Wives Have About Their Husbands

1 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read


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Whether it is a 3-year-old marriage or a 30 year old one, questions are questions. Getting answers feel great, but this can also lead to something that we don’t want. These questions are like a ticking time bomb and are sure to put your sweet hubby in a spot. Ask them at your own risk!

1. What is your relationship with God?

Culture is a huge priority in India. The number of festivals and the number of deities that exist are many. So, with all this, this question becomes inevitable. Questions like “does he believe in God as much as you”, “does he like to pray every day”, “does he want to share his day with God more than you”, “is God is his priority or you” and “would he ever give up on God for you”, might haunt you and eat you up from the inside, but make sure you don’t give him an ultimatum about such questions. At the end of the day, his beliefs are his and you need to accept them.

2. What are your favourite things about me?

Being complimented feels nice. He might like the outfits you wear, he might appreciate the efforts you put into your new hairdo, he might say that your nails look great, or he might like the perfume you are wearing, but what is this favourite thing about you? Does he like that you’re intelligent, does he like your wit, does he love the way you walk? What is that one thing that turns him on? These questions come from your subconscious mind and it might be scary for him to answer them because he’s always worried he will go wrong.

3. Do you think I’m fat?

This is, for him, worse that a bomb! The question all men fear. Frankly, it’s a lose-lose situation. If he says “yes”, it’ll shatter our heart and if he says “no”, then God bless him when he’s answering all those follow-up questions. Just asking these questions gives us anxiety, so imagine what it makes him feel.

4. Are you proud of me?

Surely, he’s proud of you and surely, you know it too, but it is nice to hear those words every once in a while. When you bargain like a boss, when you add a perfect amount of salt in the dish or when you just stand up for what you believe in, those words “ proud of you” are a bliss for the soul. It might be uncomfortable or comfortable for him to say it, but make sure you don’t put him on the spot.

5. What are your deal breakers?

Admit it, pushing his buttons are super fun and testing his limits are a fun pass time. But do not cross the line and get him angry though. Ask him such questions when you and he are in a playful mood. Be sure these questions won’t blow things out of proportion. Although, knowing his deal breakers will deepen your connections with him.

6. Do you think that the neighbour is prettier than me?

This is another question that puts him in a spot like nothing else. It is a question that is in every wife’s mind. Not knowing the answer to this would give you a lot of peace, but in reality, it might stir up things for you. Though you trust your husband, you can’t really help it when such questions pop in your head, right?

7. What is that one thing that makes you happy about being married to me?

A question that is guaranteed to make you happy. If you plan on asking a question like this, go ahead. Marriage is important to everyone and knowing what makes him happy about you will only make your bond with him stronger.

Equip yourself with knowledge ladies! Ask these questions if you really want to, but if you want to keep them to yourself and understand the answers through his small gestures and actions, that’s also fine (and honestly, much cuter).











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