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7 Labour Positions To Ease Your Pain During Childbirth

7 Labour Positions To Ease Your Pain During Childbirth

12 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Labour is hard – There’s no arguing about it. It can be long and tedious but there are certain ways you can improve your comfort levels. The right birthing position is key when it comes to easing your pain. So, here are a few super effective labour positions you can try during childbirth.

1. Sitting

During the first stage of labour, sitting position is known to speed up labour and also provide some relief if you’re experiencing back pain. Sitting backwards has an added benefit of you being able to lean forward thereby taking some pressure off your back. You can then ask your husband or nurse to massage your back.

2. Semi-sitting

Semi-sitting is one of most common positions women use during labour. This is done on a birthing chair or a bed to help you rest in between contractions. And during contractions, you can pull your knees up and wrap your arms around the knees to help relieve some pain. You get some help from gravity too in this position and it’s also easier for the medical practitioner to have access to the perineum.

3. Using a birth ball

A birth ball is used during labour to make oneself comfortable. A lot of women feel that a birth ball is much more comfortable than a chair, especially if they’re in active labour. Sitting on the ball and gently swaying back and forth is known to help during contractions. It supports the pelvic muscles without exerting a lot of pressure on them.

4. Standing

This is not that often used by pregnant women but there are many benefits to it. You can obviously move around a lot if you are standing and you are also potentially helping your baby adjust into a good position. This is the best position to make full use of gravity and you’re less prone to request for an epidural or any other pain medicine.

5. Lying on the back

Lying on your back during labour is known to reduce the strength of the contractions because it reduces the blood flow to your uterus. But attempt this position only if you feel comfortable in it and take the help of your partner or a nurse while you move around on the bed. You can even alternate between lying on the back and a standing or a sitting position.

6. Lying on the side

Resting on your side in a curled or a “Fetal” position will help you relax as much as you can during labour. It is known to reduce unnecessary muscle effort thereby reducing fatigue if it’s a long labour. Even with epidural, you can lay in this position, in fact, you are less likely to reduce the baby’s oxygen supply because it takes the pressure off the internal organs.

7. Kneeling forward

As you kneel forward, there are a lot of positions you can try – You could be on all fours or take the support of a pillow. It can help decrease back pain and also help the baby turn around in case s/he is in a breech position.

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