7 Lies That Could Destroy A Marriage

7 Lies That Could Destroy A Marriage

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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The seemingly small lies that you say here and there might have a larger effect on your marriage than you think. Lies have a way of sneaking upto people out of nowhere and collapsing the entire foundation on which you built your marriage on. A few of these are given below.

Lie 1 : My happiness comes before his/hers

Every marriage knows happiness and conflict. But, thinking your contentment and problems are of more importance than your better half’s, or putting pressure on your spouse to create your happiness puts a heavy burden on both of you.

Lie 2 : It would’ve been better with someone else

Humans are greedy by nature, we can’t help it. Even when we have the best, we want something better. Most married people have had the feeling that the marriage would’ve worked better if there was someone better in the place of their spouses, at least once. This drives a wedge between couples.

Lie 3 : We’re not made for each other

The unrealistic expectations set by movies leads us to believe that everything needs to be perfect in a marriage and one bump along the road means that you’re not “made for each other”, when in reality, that’s not the case. Knowing your spouse’s likes and dislikes, their differences from yours is what makes your marriage a strong establishment.

Lie 4 : The kids don’t care

Despite what most of us think, Kids of all ages are affected by the disputes between their parents. Know that any decision you take emotionally affects your child and may lead to drastic consequences.

Lie 5 : I married you, not your family

To believe that the more isolated you are from your partner’s family, the less troubles you’ll come across is a big lie. Especially in a country like India where it’s important the whole family likes you as much as your other half does. Any effort you make towards getting to know your in-laws gets you in the good books of your partner and you’ll also understand how your spouse turned out to be the way they are today.

Lie 6 : My husband/wife need not be my friend

The best sort of relationships are ones that are built on trust and friendship. Confiding in your partner with all your problems and worries and sharing your happiness is what a marriage is essentially made of. Make them your best friend and you will not regret it.

Lie 7 : What they don’t know won’t hurt them

Small lies which include lies-by-omission that you might consider to be insignificant can build up over a period and have a huge impact when they come out. So instead of focusing on hiding things from your partner, try talking to them and making them understand. Communication is the key to any successful marriage.











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