7 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Children Xyz

7 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Children Xyz

26 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Gone are the days when only the parents used to teach their children good life lessons and the children were supposed to learn from them. If you notice your child a bit more carefully, you might be able to learn many life lessons from your child yourself, and maybe understand how to enjoy your life better.

Here are a few of these simple things your child can teach you.

1. Smiling Without Reason

A child doesn’t always need a reason to smile or even laugh. Instead, they themselves create reasons to smile. Maybe, we too need to learn how to smile without a reason once in a while.

2. Noticing The Little Things

A child has a growing, innocent and curious mind, which does not have too many worries. Hence, they are able to notice even the smallest details in their surroundings and make a note of them in their mind. Maybe, if parents put the worries of the world aside for a minute like their children, they will be able to notice the little things and grow even more.

3. Enjoying The Little Things

Children are always happy wherever they go at any time. The main reason for their happiness is the simple fact that they have no expectations, and since they have no expectations, they are able to enjoy even the little things, which adults always do not notice. Thus, the biggest life lesson to be learnt here is that with minimum expectations, you will get maximum happiness.

4. Forgive And Forget

Yes, a child cries more than an adult and yes, they are more emotional than an adult. Yet, once they are done crying, they don’t even remember what they were crying about. They just move on in life and start playing and laughing. If something wrong happens and you say ‘sorry’ to them, they will forgive you in an instant and show you the same love they had before they were upset. It’s not easy to forget past experiences or forgive the people who have hurt us, but seeing how happy your child stays, maybe it’s time you let go of the demons of your past.

5. Keep Asking Questions

We live in a world that is moving and progressing too fast, so we should be curious about and question everything happening. Yet, we always tend to forget this fact and just follow what everybody does and says. Children, on the other hand, ask questions about even the smallest of things and want to know everything they can, and that is how they learn. Maybe we should start doing that too.

6. Friendships Forever

When we grow up, we start getting engaged in work and forget our friends. Or, we see how the world works and we start believing that everyone is there for their own selfish reasons, and that there is no such thing as ‘true friends’. However, ever seen a toddler with his/her friend? They will even fight with you for their friend and that is before they even understand what selfish even means. That is how friendships should work and maybe that’s one very important lesson that we have long forgotten.

7. The Unconditional Love

We all love our children and want them to be always be happy, for which we do everything we can. However, what we sometimes don’t see is that more than we love our baby boy/girl, our child loves us unconditionally and unwaveringly and for his/her initial years, we are their entire world. They do not even understand the concept of love and yet, they are capable of loving so much that sometimes, even our love looks faded and less in front of their love for us. Maybe it’s time we start rediscovering this ideal love.

We have all been children once and we have all done the same things our children are doing now. We have all been happy the same way. Then why not search for that hidden child within you by taking inspiration from your own child and rediscover the entire meaning of life.











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