7 Magical Ways To Win Your Wife’S Heart Xyz

7 Magical Ways To Win Your Wife’S Heart Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Yeh ishq nahin aasaan, bas itna samajh lijiye

Aik aag ka darya hai, aur doob ke jaana hai

A popular excerpt from Mirza Ghalib’s poetry that speaks of the beauty of two people falling in love and embracing it. Finding your true love isn’t ever easy and the ones who have experienced it is very lucky!

Love isn’t always about all the cute and mushy things you do for her, but the uncountable things you do for her without expecting anything in return. She will fall in love with you even if you help her open that silly jar that she was struggling to open. Things like that invoke a woman’s emotions and make her realize that you’re the superhero of her life.

Here are 7 enchanting ways to make your wife fall in love with you all over again:

1. Understand her

Just like how no two snowflakes are alike, women are all different. Opening the door for her first could be a very sweet gesture for one while the other one would think of it as an act of charity. So, focus on what your wifey likes and what makes her happy!

2.Communication is the key

A good relationship is all about talking and listening to what our partner has got to say. Talking about both your likes and dislikes can help you build a close relationship with your partner. She might like chocolate and you might like vanilla. Compromises can be made effectively and easily through communication. You both could agree on vanilla ice cream with a lot of chocolate syrup!

3. Your involvement matters

If you want to win her heart like a boss that you are, you need to be more involved in your family life. Become a more concerned father by being more responsible about your duties as a father. Trust me, it will melt your wife’s heart and she’ll come running into your arms.

4.Listen to what she has on her mind

Women love to talk. They love the attention (especially from you) so go ahead and strike a conversation which is as simple as asking her about her day! It will show that you care for her and she will begin enjoying talking to you.

5. Make her feel wanted

You need her more than she needs you. Accept it! The void you feel sometimes can be understood by only one woman except for your mother. She’s very emotional and she knows how to deal with your emotions too.

6.Pamper her

OMG YES!! This works the best among women clan. All day she spends pampering you and your child. She deserves to be treated like a queen from time to time! Give her everything she wants!

7. Love her for being herself

You fell in love with her for her soul and not her looks. You were attracted by her aura and passion. You fell in love with her character and her personality. She felt comfy around you that’s how she unleashed her true self in front of you. You love her and you know it too!

Go on guys, show some love and appreciation and win her soul! 😀











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