7 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Breasts During Pregnancy

7 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Breasts During Pregnancy

25 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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So, you are expecting a baby. How wonderful! you must think, What a miracle! But the fact of the matter is that your body undergoes some pretty big changes and in a teeny tiny period of time. Most of these changes come as a shock and may leave you at a loss for words. Some of these changes are rather difficult to deal with, especially, when they concern your sacred lady parts. Yes, your breasts! They undergo some pretty drastic changes. Here are 7 things about your breasts during pregnancy that really make you uneasy:

1. Bigger is not always Better

Your breasts get bigger and I mean way bigger. A cup size or two is bound to increase. You will notice these changes when you are 6 months into pregnancy and it is not all rainbows and butterflies. You increasing breast can cause your back to ache. You will curse it and want it to shrink! What’s more, they will itch as the skin stretches and if you do itch, mum to be, you will be rewarded with stretch marks on your breasts! Woohoo!

2. Darker is Stranger

The nipples will get bigger too and darker to help the baby latch onto them when it arrives but trust me, this will do no favors for you mom as it will seem all too strange to you. You might even see veins under the skin of your breasts to add to the horror. Oh! What you go through for your little baby.

3. It is a Bumpy Ride

The dark area around your nipple- the areola will develop bumps. Be it, these will be little and barely visible. But, you will see them! Yes, and these are little glands that produce oil, as bad as that may sound you will barely notice these secretions but you will feel icky anyway.

4. Leaking is not loved

Around the 3rd month of your pregnancy, your breasts produce a sticky yellow liquid, Colostrum. It is so full of goodness and is for your little one to come. But, you will start to leak little amounts of it into your bra during pregnancy that will just annoy you and put you at unease. Giving life is no walk in the park.

5. Love me Tender

Your breasts are often sore and feel tender. This goes on for most of pregnancy and even while breastfeeding. You might feel like you are being punished for giving life and although, it may seem that way, this is common. There are tons of products you can use to help with the soreness so don’t worry.

6. Uneven is not understood

Yes, both breasts are not always the same size but during pregnancy and the difference in the size of one breast to the other may vary greatly. Your baby would prefer one breast over the other, usually, due to a ear infection but this will cause an imbalance in milk production. The answer is always to feed with the smaller breast and it is scary to think of but easy to remedy!

7. Unplug the Plug

Lumps may emerge at various spots on your breasts. Like this wasn’t enough punishment, if the baby denies the feeding this problem will last longer. You have to make sure your baby takes the entire feeding and squeeze the excess out to avoid this painful scenario.

Yes, difficult it could get. Painful and Punishing but Mummy, You are Making and Giving birth to a new life. When your baby smiles his or her million dollar smile, all the misery will take a backseat.











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