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7 Moms Who Are Fitness Goals

7 Moms Who Are Fitness Goals

1 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read


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After the challenging 9 months of pregnancy, the days or months that follow are not easy either. While a lot of changes taking place in the lives of new moms (including the baby-chores, of course!), a lot of changes take place inside the bodies too. Usually, women gain a great deal of weight during pregnancy. It is absolutely alright and nothing to be ashamed of. However, some women, in pursuit of physical fitness, go beyond their limits to get the pre-pregnancy body back. Here are the stories of all those inspiring women:

1. Jessica

A working woman and a mother of three children, Jessica had put on a lot of weight over a passage of time. “I got so caught up with everything happening with my life and my family that I couldn’t make time for myself and specially my health. I had put on a lot of weight and slowly, I realised how it was going to affect me in a negative way.”, says Jessica. So she finally gathered courage and decided to join a fitness program in her neighbourhood community. The start was quite rough. The greatest issue was managing time. However, she persevered and found solutions out. This brave girl went on to become a marathon runner too. In her words, “More than anything, I have learnt that I am important too.”.

2. Annie

During her third pregnancy, Annie knew what she was facing and was quite prepared to face the blues. She started exercising and eating properly throughout her pregnancy and was very much motivated by the results post-pregnancy. With the help of her friends and her husband, she was able to look after her kids well and also maintain the habit of going to gym.

3. Mylene

Mylene, took to her imagination and strong will power to overcome the heavy hurdle of her post-pregnancy weight. She’d envision the hard workouts, lifts and exercises as little objects in her way and just get past them. In this journey of perseverance, she came out with flying colours. She believes that her transformation helped her a lot in becoming more self-confident and positive towards life

4. Tricia

Due to some complication in her pregnancy, Tricia was told to seek bed-rest in the fourth month. Being petite already, her 75-pound weight gain became a huge issue after she delivered her baby. Just after giving birth, she moved to a different state with her husband. Being isolated from friends and family, Tricia took to binge-eating for comfort. This, in turn, resulted in further weight gain. Finally, she had to make drastic changes in her food and lifestyle on the advice of her doctor. At first, she was reluctant, however, when the results started to show, she tried to push her limits and joined a gym. In a span of 8 months, she lost all that bad fat from her body and became the fit mum that she is now.

5. Elizabeth

Elizabeth has a very interesting story. She lost 30 pounds in 5 months just by having some fun. Just after she delivered her baby, months of winter began. She used to feel stuck in the house and did not have much to do. This was the time when she thought of giving dance a try. She began learning moves bit by bit, and this advanced slowly. She says that this lightened her mood and she was able to get some much needed exercise.

6. Deanna

Deanna went innovative to shed those extra pounds she gained during her pregnancy. She did not join any gym, neither did she sign up to a fitness program. All she did was workout at home while using her little son for squats, sit ups and arm lifts. She initiated this in a fun way when she used to play with her baby. But later, when her son was about an year older, and heavier of course, she continued and had really amazing results.

7. Ivy

Very well aware of the fact that her body required the right kind of diet, Ivy did not go for an intensive workout. Rather, she chose to eat wisely. First of all, she cut off all the snacks that didn’t do much for her nutrition-wise. Also, she made it a habit to drink as much water as she could and replaced ice cream with yogurt.











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