7 Must Have Products For When Youre Expecting

7 Must Have Products For When Youre Expecting

24 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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Pregnancy, while wonderful, has a tendency to be quite stressful. You may face a lot of discomfort because your body is going through all these different changes. This means that you have to find new ways of adapting to your environment and body. To make your pregnancy smooth sailing, there are some products you can try out which you’ll end up being quite grateful for.

1. Slather It On (Lotion)


The most visible characteristic of your pregnancy will be your expanding belly. The expansion of your skin often causes dryness and itchiness. Along with this, the expansion will also probably cause stretch marks (eek!). To lessen the discomfort from the itchiness and if you want to ensure that you don’t get stretch marks, it’s important to take care of your skin by keeping it lubricated and hydrated. Using lotions and oils should go a long way in this respect. One brand that many mums out there have found helpful is Bio-Oil. Mums have reported it showing amazing results. To purchase Bio-Oil, you can go here.

2. Pregnancy Pants


Expanding bellies translate to ill-fitting pants. Before you have a mini freak-out because none of your pants are fitting you, we suggest you go out and purchase a few pants to make your pregnancy more comfortable. These include leggings, maternity pants, and maternity jeans. Leggings are great for any occasion and can be paired with a lot of different clothes (shirts, dresses, etc.). Maternity jeans are great for occasions where you want to look slightly less casual in comparison to wearing leggings, and you want to jazz things up. Some great brands of leggings and maternity pants you can try are Jockey, Lyra, Nine, and MomToBe. Get these here.

3. Belly Support Bands


Due to the added weight of the baby along with all the internal changes going on, most women tend to suffer from back aches and abdominal pain. A support band for your belly will help carry that weight and also give shape to your body under your clothes. It’ll relieve some of the pressure that your baby is exerting on your organs. A good brand to try out is Aaram as it has received good reviews from moms who have tried it out. Get these here.

4. Pop Dem Pills (Supplements)


When you’re pregnant, your diet changes drastically. You have to cut down on a lot of certain types of food because it may be harmful for your baby. Alternatively, you may be unable to eat some of the food you ate earlier due to the nausea it may induce. The negative repercussion of this is that you may be losing out on a lot of nutrients which are essential for the healthy development of your baby and the maintenance of your body. In order to ensure that you are receiving these nutrients, we recommend taking supplements. Consult your doctor before taking any supplement. Some supplements we would recommend are for calcium, vitamin a, vitamin d, fatty acids, and a few others. Nature Made is a highly recommended brand by many. Purchase it here.

5. Comfy Shoes


If you’re an active person who refuses to sit around on your butt the whole day we recommend that you invest in a new pair of shoes. Walking around with all the extra added weight takes a toll on your feet. In order to ensure that your feet are getting all the support they require, purchase comfy walking shoes. Style is not the priority in this case, although, if you search, you will probably find some comfy shoes which also look cute. Alternatively, if you plan on chilling out at home, you’ll need some comfortable slippers. Some brands we could suggest are DR.SOLE and Asian.To make these purchases, go here.

6. Hug Buddy – Body Pillow


Let me explain the practicality behind body pillows. When you’re sleeping, you tend to sleep on your side, or a lot of you may sleep on your stomach. When you’re pregnant with a baby in your belly, sleeping on your side becomes uncomfortable, and sleeping on your stomach is a no-no as it could cause potential harm to your baby. Most of us are not used to sleeping on our backs and it’s possible that one may feel suffocated because of the pressure in the region of the ribs. A body pillow is shaped so as to support your body in a way that keeps are the right parts elevated. This means that, if you’re sleeping on/with a body pillow, you can sleep on your stomach. Welcome back comfortable sleeping positions! Some brands we can suggest are Lula, MomToBe, and Coozly. These have also gotten high ratings by users. Purchase these here.

7. New Bras For New Tatas


With changing body proportions, some of you may be happy to know that your boob size changes as well. However, note that while some people face breast growth, others may find that theirs are becoming smaller. To prevent unwanted crabbiness, we would recommend that you get a few new bras of new sizes to provide your boobs with the comfort they require. They’re going to be doing a lot of work in the months to come, so treat them well. For the best fit, it’s probably best that you go to the store as they can properly measure out the size you require, and then you can order that size online, in the design you want. We recommend Jockey, Zivame, Amante, and Triumph. You can get these here.

These few products can go a long way to making you a happy and healthy pregnant woman. It’ll be a boon to not only you, but also all the people around, especially hubby and mommy dearest.











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