7 Obsessions That Husbands Have That Wives Just Dont Understand

7 Obsessions That Husbands Have That Wives Just Dont Understand

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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Every guy has certain obsessions and when it comes to living with one forever, you need to learn how to cope with them. Here’s a list of obsessions that almost every husband has that you will relate to if you have been living with him for quite some time now.

1. Sports

His obsession with sports is by far the most annoying habit! You just cannot understand why he loves his favorite football team more than anything else in the world. Maybe it’s because that’s the only time he gets for himself, but you still don’t like it, especially when you end up cleaning the mess after him AND his friends. The worst part about his sports gathering is not really the gathering, but the sadness after their team loses. You love him, so it’s not fun seeing him sad.

2. Mess

When they say that the human race is a descendant of monkeys and apes, we think it mostly applies to men. They just cannot take care of themselves and their space! Husbands are always messy, be it their ten days old stinky socks, their month-old dirty jeans or their smelly t-shirts. Cleanliness is just not there in their dictionary!

3. Work

This is probably his only obsession that is likable. He is always dedicated to his work. So much so, that he takes work home almost every alternate day, which is quite annoying because you would really appreciate it if he wouldn’t bring home his work.

4. Gaming

He may have grown from being a boy to a man, but he never really grew out of his favorite video games. His obsession with them is so much that you know which video game he is playing with the sound of the opening theme music. When there is no match going on (could be cricket, football, tennis, badminton, baseball or basically any sports on TV), his number two obsession is gaming.

5. Cars/bikes

I really did not want to bring this one up but I don’t get how the latest car from the latest brand or the launch of the most popular superbike makes a difference to him, it’s not like he can afford it then and there. So for pretty much practical reasons, I do not understand this obsession.

6. Leaving the toilet-seat up

We think this is one habit that a man can never acquire – leaving the toilet seat down after he is done with his business. It is THE most annoying obsession ever! The emotions you go through every time you see the toilet seat up are just inexplicable. If only, he could stop doing that. *sigh*

However, despite all of this, life without them is just incomplete for you!











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