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7 Reasons Why Having An Older Brother Is Fun Xyz

7 Reasons Why Having An Older Brother Is Fun Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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You may hate him in the beginning but he’s going to be your best friend, your partner in crime and the one who will stand up for you when nobody does. He is like a sweet and sour candy and you will cherish every moment you spend with him. All that void in life can be replaced only by an older brother.

Having an older brother comes with perks of its own. When you have an older brother, you no longer need to worry about the person you’ll want to be because you’ve been blessed with an amazing role model and a great mentor. Even if he jokes about you being adopted or says that you were picked up from a dumpster, he will love you no matter what.

Here are 7 reasons why having an older brother is fun:

1.Gaming and sports gets better

Without being dragged out of your bed to play games and other sports, you wouldn’t have realized how good you could be at a game. A brother will always be your best coach and his lessons will save you from the embarrassment so you could play well and be strong or probably look like this on the field.

2. The art of patience

Your older brother must have pulled off too many pranks and other goofy activities on you and some by partnering up with you. This has helped you master the art of patience and how to keep calm. Just like how as a mother, you have learned to be patient because of your baby, the same way an older brother will help his younger sibling to be patient and how not to lose temper easily.

3. Emotions in place

As a matter of fact, most girls are slightly more sensitive and emotional than boys. But, the girls who have grown up with an older brother are better at keeping a check on their emotions. What most adults do, “sucking it up and moving on” can be taught by an older brother only.

4. You’ll never fall into trouble all alone

Your brother is your favorite ally when you’re in trouble. Especially when your parents are trying to roast and grill you for something you’ve done. You have the strongest force you’ll ever need. Automatically the intensity of howlings and scoldings is minimized!

5. Your safety is, was and will always be his priority

A girl sometimes just needs to be protected by an older brother. Even if your brother has made you cry and sometimes you’ve wished he was never born, you’ll always know that he will protect you from any creepy or remotely dangerous humans. He was born ready to give his life for you.

6. Music and other cool things

You are a blessed human because you have an amazing older brother. Even before any of your friends get to know about what’s cool, that’ll be old news for you. You know pretty much everything about the latest trends, styles, music and oh, of course, the lingo!

7. Everybody knows you

If they are friends with your brother, they will all know you too. You’re like a complimentary pack with your brother. Since they know who your brother is, they will not dare mess with you or any of your friends. You’re safe and forever protected by your fallen angel!

He can be evil sometimes, but he adores you the most.











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