7 Reasons Your Child Needs A Sibling Xyz

7 Reasons Your Child Needs A Sibling Xyz

26 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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There’s nothing wrong with raising an only child. For some people, they would even prefer it that way, and it is completely fine. However, if you’re confused about whether having another child would be a good move for your child, then we could convince you about why your child needs a sibling. For parents who are considering having a second child, here’s a list of reasons why your child would highly benefit from having a sibling.

1. Your child will learn the act of sharing

Although your first child might initially be hesitant about sharing, eventually, s/he will learn to share his/her things with the sibling – toys, clothes, books and whatnot. In fact, this sibling bond could lay the foundation for a life where both the kids would grow up with the habit of sharing their things with other people without a lot of fuss.

2. You child will find the first, and the most honest, friendship

Siblings share a bond that will last a lifetime. Even parents may not last forever, but by gifting your firstborn a brother or sister, you are actually gifting them the first real and everlasting friendship of their lives. It won’t matter if they did not grow up close or they remain close friends right from the beginning; during the course of their life, they will come to appreciate the connection they share with their sibling without having to explain anything.

3. Your child will teach and learn from their sibling

Your child’s relationship with his/her sibling can be the formative relationship that teaches them many aspects of human relationships. Be it how to make friends, academic-related issues, how to deal with jealousy, how to tackle conflicts or how to make your parents agree to something they don’t want to – siblings can be co-conspirators and collaborators in all of them. Your child will also learn things about the world that you might not be willing to tell them as parents.

4. You child will learn about selflessness

As soon as your child becomes the ‘elder’ kid, s/he will start feeling protective about his/her sibling. It is a feeling that comes naturally. It instills a feeling of selflessness in the child and makes them want to put others’ well-being before their own.

5. Your kid will learn about teamwork

One of your kid’s first lessons in teamwork will come from collaborating and compromising with their sibling when they both want something – and after that, it never stops.

6. You child will learn how to resolve conflicts

Siblings fight a lot. With each fight, they get better at resolving these fights. This is a valuable life lesson to have, and one that helps them to work out a solution with each other, rather than walk away from a conflict.

7. Your child will have a go-to support for life

As your children grow up, you realize that they grow closer to each other through the years. They will have a go-to person, a soundboard for all their problems, and someone to give a fresh perspective about life when they want a different opinion. Elder siblings will have someone with whom they can pass on their wisdom and someone to learn from.