7 Signs Of A Healthy Baby Xyz

7 Signs Of A Healthy Baby Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Every mum has been through that phase of complete paranoia, where every time her baby cries, all hell breaks loose. Are you a new mum trying to figure out if your baby is healthy or not? Do you have these questions running through your mind?

Is it okay for him/her to turn quiet a few times during the day? What are the right signs of development? Does every mom go through this? Am I doing something wrong?

If you have any one of the above questions, this article is definitely for you.

1. Your baby starts to support himself/herself

When your baby turns a month old, s/he will be hold his/her head up even when placed in a sitting position. This indicates that their tiny muscles are starting to develop.

2. Your baby starts interacting with surroundings

Your baby will start making eye contact after one month and grab your fingers within the first week. S/he will start smiling and even giggling when they are just 3 months old. S/he may even start interacting with other people around the house, signalling them to carry him/her.

3. Your baby wants to be fed often

The size of your baby’s tummy is as small as a cherry when they are born and they poop ever so often. This is why they get hungry so fast and want to be fed often. It is normal to feed them up to 12 times every day. This will reduce as you introduce them to solid foods and slowly wean them off the milk diet.

4. Your baby sleeps 16hrs a day

Although they will not have continuous stretches of sleep at the start, they will sleep for a total of at least 16 hours every day. From the fourth month, they will be able to sleep for at least 4 hours at a stretch.

5. Your baby wants to be changed 8-10 times a day

If your newborn baby has 8-10 wet diapers a day, then it just shows a proper and normal stool. It is wet because their diet is almost completely liquid – milk and formula.

6. Your baby turns towards any sudden sounds

This is indicative of the development of his/her ears. They are able to detect where the sound is coming from and are able to distinguish the white noise from the distinct sound of their mother’s voice.

7. Your baby is observant

Your baby should be able to see up to 12 inches within the first month. After 2 months, s/he will be able to see up to 18 inches. They will start being more alert of their surroundings – this just means they are observing the world around them and trying to learn from it.

You are doing a great job as a mother. If you liked this article, pass this on to all other moms you care about.