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7 Signs Your Husband Is Being Extremely Supportive During Your Pregnancy

7 Signs Your Husband Is Being Extremely Supportive During Your Pregnancy

20 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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As a pregnant woman, with all the hormonal changes happening within you, it’s not only difficult but also impossible to keep up with your usual routine sometimes. You have food cravings and aversions to the same food, leaving you frustrated. However, what is it that keeps you calm during this time? We think your hubby holding your hands and walking with you through the whole phase is of great help and brings you much joy.

So without much ado, let us look at these 7 ways you’ll know your husband is being super helpful during your pregnancy

1. Helps you sleep despite his exhaustion

We know how difficult it is for you to attain sound sleep during pregnancy. All those joint aches and nausea just won’t let you sleep. And if you’re a to working woman, it’s even worse for you to find time to sleep.

If your husband watches you go through this every night and volunteers to massage your feet or back despite being exhausted himself, he is a supportive hubby who’s also going to make a wonderful dad in the future. So, relax and enjoy all the pampering he showers on you.

2. Tags along with you to all the gynaecologist’s appointments

Another sign of knowing your husband’s involvement in your pregnancy is to see if he shows any interest in your antenatal check-ups. We’re sure there are times when he has to ditch them for a meeting at work, but in case he comes along with you to the hospital every time there’s an antenatal check up scheduled for you, it is only because he cares about both your health and your baby’s. We suggest you take some time out to acknowledge his effort too. Not every husband is so sweet.

3. Orders 5 different cuisines from 5 different restaurants

Yes, half way through the article we come to the most bizarre part of pregnancy, and that is your cravings and aversions to different foods each day.

If your husband is extremely patient and understanding, getting you whatever you want to eat, even if it’s in the middle of the night, it only means one thing. He loves you and wants you happy all the time. It’s really cute, isn’t it? We know you agree.

4. Squishes to a corner while you hijack the whole bed

We know how frustrating it is for you to keep shifting the whole night only to find a comfortable position to sleep. Those endless adjustments with the pillows – sometimes between your legs and some time under your back – can get annoying.

But there are nights where you see your husband squishing to one corner only so you get your space. And what actually melts your heart is him not complaining about it at all. So considerate!

5. Gives up on smoking and drinking to build a healthy environment for you and your baby

Is your hubby a chain smoker? Or did he smoke in the past? Our second question is in case he left it to post your pregnancy. Smoking is a really tough habit to quit and in case your hubby seemed more than ready to do so, he cares about you and cannot stand any harm coming to you or his baby in your womb.

6. Keeps reminding you how beautiful you are

Have you been having an inferiority complex lately? We know how disappointing it is to see your body changing. Those acnes, pimples, saggy breasts – it’s all intolerable to the eye. It makes you think that your husband might lose interest in you. However, in case you have a hubby who keeps reminding you how beautiful you are every day or makes sure he drops small compliments here and there to boost your moral, you’re a lucky woman. He still has eyes only for you.

7. Plans his weekends around you

Pretty simple, ladies! In case you find your husband cancelling on his plans that used to be the life of all his weekends, only so he can stay home with you, just know that it’s because he cares for you more than anything else. Make sure you appreciate those movie nights and special bubble baths he runs for you, for it’s very important to say “Thank you”.

Also, it wouldn’t do harm to plan nights like these for him too. Trust us, he wants to spend time with you and plans like these will only spice things up in your marriage.

Stay happy, girls! We hope you have a wonderful pregnancy.











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