7 Silly Rules Parents Never Thought Theyd Have To Make

7 Silly Rules Parents Never Thought Theyd Have To Make

1 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read


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1. Don’t Milk The Dog

“After having seen cows being milked, my daughter was in awe. So much so, that when she realised our dog had similar bodily features, she tried to milk her. Needless to say, our dog was traumatised and my daughter was in tears because, “I didn’t get any milk!””

2. No Haunting People

“My kids used to think that frightening people was hilarious. When we were at the park or at family get togethers, they would often team up to do so. One of them would talk to the relative whilst the other would go behind them, whisper something and run away so that when the person turned around, there was no one there. Upon being asked if he/she heard the voice too, my kids would faithfully deny it. Similarly, with people in the park, one of them would go behind a person on a bench or behind a tree and the other would sit somewhere nearby. When one child whispered, the strangers often assumed it was the other one who was too far away to have whispered so close to their ears. Seeing how spooked people would get, I had to put a stop to it.”

3. Sit When You Go For A Poo

“During his potty training days, my son thought that since he could stand and pee, the same logic applied to pooping. He didn’t specify what he had to go to the bathroom for, so when he stood, we assumed he needed to pee. Well, we were wrong. Of course this meant that my spouse and I were left to clean up the mess in the loo.”

4. Stay On The Toilet Till You Finish

“So, my daughter is quite the social butterfly. When we’re at family gatherings or if there’s a party going on at home, she’s always engaging in conversation with someone or the other. Zero care about who this individual is, she will tell them anything and everything. We didn’t realise this would be a problem until it came to potty training. On multiple occasions, our daughter walked out of the toilet to tell us something and by the time we realised she wasn’t done with her business, it was too late because it was already on the floor. Who’d have thought we’d have to make a rule to stop that from happening.”

5. Don’t Sit In The Toilet:

“Potty training was one of the most entertaining parts of my kids life. Entertaining for me and my wife anyway. Our boy didn’t particularly grasp the concept in the beginning. So there were a couple of times that we found him with his butt almost submerged into the toilet because he was tired of sitting there. He was done with his business, but didn’t realise he was supposed to call for one of us to come or get off on his own. So he just stayed there, not knowing what else to do. My wife and I had a good laugh about it the first time, but by the second time, we realised we needed to do something about it.”

6. Don’t Eat The Dog’s Food

“Well, the difference between a child and an adult is that children have very few inhibitions and no better judgement. This probably explains why I found my daughter sitting on the floor eating dog food out of our dog’s food bowl, while Brutus (the dog) sat next to her looking very confused and a little sad.”

7. Don’t Write On The Car… With A Rock

“My son thought a rock worked the same way chalk does. It took quite some explaining (and quite a few car paint jobs) till he understood that it was the car paint that was coming off and not the rock’s colour.”

Having kids is a whole new adventure on it’s own. Some amount of weirdness and silliness is to be expected and maybe even welcomed. It shouldn’t stop you from having fun in the process because your children are meant to do silly things. Just cherish these moments and tell them about it when they grow up for a good laugh.











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