7 Superfoods To Burn Fat Super Quick

7 Superfoods To Burn Fat Super Quick

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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An important thing that you need to remember when you’ve decided that you want to lose weight is to never cut down on what you eat and starve yourself. Neither does it mean that you need to stop eating all those yummy dishes that you love. It only means that you have to exercise more than what you eat. For example, if you are eating a dish containing 400 calories, you would need to burn 500 to 600 calories that day. Although it is not a hard diet to follow, it is a hard diet to maintain. And hence, to help you with this process, we have listed 7 superfoods that will help you burn that stubborn belly fat you have been wanting to get rid of.

1. Oats

You might have noticed that all the fitness gurus eat oats in the morning, at least thrice a week. That means that there should be something good and beneficial in it, right? Oats are high in soluble fiber, which helps in cutting down cholesterol and blood fat. It digests slowly and hence makes you feel full all morning. Including oats in your smoothie, breakfast or porridge is a good idea to keep yourself fit.

2. Nuts

Nuts like almonds, peanuts and pistachios are high in monounsaturated fat that will help you reduce a couple pounds around your belly. This is a really healthy snack to munch on when you are hungry. So, switch your chakli and kodubale to these small, fat burning foods.

3. Cinnamon

A spice that is good for your health, for multiple reasons. Not only does it add a distinct taste to your food, it also melts the fat in your belly. Cinnamon boosts your metabolism, and that burns fat faster. So, the next time you make a smoothie or oats, sprinkle a pinch of this sweet spice to it.

4. Berries

Be it blueberry, blackberry, raspberry or strawberry, all of them are filled with antioxidants and fibre. These juicy little balls are tasty, and healthy for your skin and body. They contain less sugar than most fruits. So, in effect, a bowl of berries is actually better than a bowl of fruits.

5. Eggs

For all you non-vegetarians and eggetarians out there, we’ve got a superb suggestion for you! Eat an egg every morning in any way you like – boiled, scrambled, or fried. Add it to your breakfast and start the day with a bang!

6. Fish

It is a great lean protein that helps you curb fat, as well as reduce your tummy fat. It is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and other fat burning components. Any kind of oily fish is brilliant to curb your cravings. Tuna, wild salmon, and sardines are the food items you need to look out for and order the next time you go out to a great restaurant.

7. Leafy greens

When your mom used to tell you to eat the leafy greens, she said it for a reason. It is because these are filled with omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and potassium, which help you offset the bloating that you get from all the aerated drinks you consume. Leafy greens include cauliflower, spinach or broccoli.

Just changing what you eat and including these food items in your daily diet will not help you lose weight. You have to exercise. Diet and exercise go hand in hand, jumping and skipping to reach their destination of fitness.











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